The Non-Birthday Birthday

Yay… I’ve circled the sun one more time as of today. Best yet: Spouse baked me my favorite cake!

But today is about the most weird non-birthday I will ever have.

There are two reasons for that…

…first, as all of us around the world are dealing with, though here in the United States it is the worst due to the Sociopath in the White House (and his nutjob, ignorant cronies), there is a global pandemic.

That means no parties or celebrations with groups of people. I have not had a weekly family dinner with my large family since February 28. I really miss them and our gatherings. However, such gatherings may never happen again, or if they do, a long way off.

Second, but worse — Spouse has a serious medical issue that requires intensive attention. I cannot and will not say more in a public forum. Just trust me, it is really “that bad.”

I plan to spend every minute of this day with my beloved husband. To cherish him, love him, care for him, and show him:

Life is short: show those you love HOW you love them each and every minute of every day!

2 thoughts on “The Non-Birthday Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to you and well wishes to your hubby. Our lives have become so much more complicated lately. It’s nice to see some “normalcy” being sought after even in the midst of this pandemic and the unforced errors made by this Administration in Washington. Hang in there, be well and know we’re all pulling for you both to be well and flourish.


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