Firefighter Boots On Duty

I know I have not been posting much on this blog, mostly because nothing much has been happening and all has been quiet under our state’s reasonable and prudent “stay-at-home” order by our state’s Governor. Unfortunately, the number of cases of CoVID-19 continue to rise and the death toll increases daily.

We know this because our state is doing a good job with testing, unlike so many others whose Governors bury their heads in the sand.

And now, it’s “Boots On” as I have been called to duty…

…Four medics and firefighters in the fire department where I am a Life Member have been exposed to Covid-19, and have been quarantined at home. None of them are so ill that they require hospitalization, thankfully. All other firefighters who worked with them on some shifts have been quarantined for two weeks as well.

Whammo! Lots of vacancies in the ranks!

Desperate to fill these vacancies, and with the state temporarily lifting a requirement to have current credentials and certifications, I was called back to duty as an EMT. I had to get a painful test for CoVID-19 and wait for results to come back (two days; not bad) to prove I was cleared for duty.

I am assigned for runs mostly to a nearby community populated by some 11,000 older residents, and to non-Covid cases. I can respond anywhere within our service area, but mostly, it is very quiet. No bad car crashes. Some ladder-fall injuries from overzealous stuck-at-home guys, stuff like that.

Transporting folks to the ER with heart issues, broken bones, and other maladies is still frightening. My home county is the 2nd highest “hot spot” for Coronavirus in Maryland. But we enter a separate section of the hospital sectioned off from where CoVID-19 patients are.

I am back-filling a few shifts as a volunteer; not full-time. And man-oh-man, what we have to do for safety — clean, sanitize, clean, and sanitize again.

I will continue to fulfill my duties to my community as long as needed. Hopefully my colleagues who are sick will recover and all who have been quarantined will return to duty soon enough.

Life is short: serve your community.