Wearing Leather While Flying

#Gear365Way early on this blog, I wrote a number of posts about “air travel with leather gear.” I wrote those posts as a service to Leathermen who may be flying to attend events like Mid-Atlantic Leather or International Mr. Leather. The posts and website content have been based on my experience in flying over 2 million air miles in my lifetime, as well as “kinda liking” to wear leather garments.

Those posts linked to my website where I…

…developed and posted information with pictures that described how to pack and wear leather while flying. This web page is titled, “Air Travel with Leather Gear”.

Those first posts and website instructions were written almost ten years ago.

Subsequently, I have been asked by some friends about flying in (or with) leather, and found a great video produced by #Gear365 Cal Rider. He shows what it is actually like to gear up, get through airport security, wait for a flight, fly, and arrive at a destination.

I thought the video was superbly done. So here is a visual demo of what my written instructions have provided:

Life is short: wear your gear!

3 thoughts on “Wearing Leather While Flying

  1. Note: I had heard that Cal Rider had died when I posted this blog. However, at the time of posting, I was told that the news of his death was not public yet.

    A public announcement on HotBoots follows:
    Larry: It is with with great sadness that I announce that Charlie Abel-Lear / Cal Rider — the founder of #Gear365 and beloved, impactful leader in the gear community — passed on Wednesday evening, November 6.

    Charlie was a major supporter of Hot Boots and was the one responsible through the #Gear365 group for bringing thousands of guys into leather, boots and other gear together in love and pride around the world.

  2. BHD, as always, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences in life, as well as Cal Rider’s YouTube video. It’s a shame he’s passed. It does seem as if he’s gone too soon. There is solace in knowing as long as there is even one person out there who was positively influenced and helped by what he posted, published and/or filmed, Cal Rider will live in the cherished memory of everyone who knew him no matter if they met him in person or not.

    May he Rest in Peace.

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