Upcoming Travels in Retirement

The Spouse and I are planning ahead for travels after I retire at the end of the year. Come 2020, my boots will see the following (and most trips with The Spouse!)…

January for my retirement party with my peeps gathering for a meeting that I used to facilitate twice a year. This time, no requirements to run the meeting; just celebrate with my friends in a lovely but wet location on the U.S. West Coast:
February, felicidad pura en muchas playas de la isla del encanto:
March, when I am a guest speaker at an expenses-paid conference on Oahu:
Followed by travel on our own to Kauai:
And then from there to Kona:
and Hilo:
and then, my buddy “S” and I are planning Crazy-Awesome Motorcycle Adventure II:

Just announced: Oakville, where we will enjoy Canada Day and the entire month of July or beyond!

We are considering staying there during the entire period of the runup to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election to get away from the awful, awful negativity and divisiveness that the Orange Thing has wrought upon the Divided States of America. (But we WILL return to vote!)

Man, I can’t wait! All the saving, investing, financial management, reduction of debt to zero, etc., will make retirement fun!

Life is short: Plan well and look forward.