Rumors of The Demise of Chippewa Firefighters: False

I wrote a post on this blog on November 28 sharing an email report from a retailer of boots that said that they heard from the manufacturer that my favorite boots for motorcycling — Chippewa Firefighters had been discontinued.

As much as I like these boots, I decided…

…to place an order for a pair to keep as a backup/spare while inventories remained and before existing stock ran out.

I received this new pair of boots rather quickly after I ordered them, and was surprised that they were drop-shipped from the manufacturer directly to me.

That led me to question the veracity of what the boot retailer tired to tell me — that the boots had been discontinued by the manufacturer.

So I sent and email to the manufacturer myself. I received a reply a few days later from the Marketing Department of Justin Brands, which owns the Chippewa brand name. The first reply was a canned (pre-written) response about how much they value my interest in their products and they are glad that I enjoy them.

I wrote again, stating more specifically that I had heard from a retailer that you (manufacturer) said that the Chippewa model 27422 boots had been discontinued.

I received a return reply providing more canned, unhelpful, gibberish. I tell ya, these kids who take these marketing jobs for a boot manufacturer never learned how to read.

To make this shorter, With more slow, tedious email exchange with marketing kiddos of Justin Brands, I learned that the rumor of the Chippewa 27422 boots (Firefighters) is incorrect. These boots are still made. They do not make a large production run, but they are indeed kept in active inventory.


I wrote back to the boot retailer to share what I learned, and the retailer did not reply. I removed that retailer from my list of companies that I will do business with. If they can’t get their facts straight and will not have the courtesy to own up to an error, I loose respect for their business as a whole and will not deal with them any more, or recommend them to others.

Photos of this pair of new Chippewa Firefighters are here.

Life is short: when you hear news that is surprising, confirm it yourself.

3 thoughts on “Rumors of The Demise of Chippewa Firefighters: False

  1. I have been in contact with Chippewa’s customer service dinks several times in the past year, ever since I suddenly found myself scrambling around, trying to collect as many of Chippewa’s discontinued models as I could find in or near my size. There seem to be two ladies of indeterminate age who answer most queries: Kelly Shearer and Kyla, both “Retail Consumer Specialists” for Chippewa Boots. They seldom have any particular knowledge or interest in their jobs, and when I have notified them of the many typos and errors I have found on the Chippewa website they never even respond, though the error usually gets fixed. I have no doubt that even if a particular boot model were scheduled to be unceremoniously discontinued tomorrow, they wouldn’t hesitate to tell you otherwise today —possibly because they wouldn’t even know what was happening. Chippewa has discontinued all but a couple of models from the “1901” model line that debuted in the Spring of 2014, among others. They don’t seem to have much interest in producing engineer boots any more, with the exception of the all-black, oiled leather (Black Odessa) 17” variations, which I do like. I bought up a total of five pairs of the Black Chrome (4578BLK) and Chocolate Brown (4578CHO) Horween leather, 17” Tipton model’s (enough to last me through this lifetime) just like you have. Before wearing them while riding my Indian Chief Vintage, I have them modified with the addition of a second midsole and a black Vibram mini-lug outsole, and I have the heel built up the same amount. Those slick leather soles are not safe for motorcycle riding. Anyway, I have forgotten my point, so I’ll end this. Enjoy your Christmas.

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