Doing What Is Necessary on Christmas

Good day, it is Christmas Day when this post appears. It was written in Pittsburgh, where my Spouse and I are…

…spending time looking after Spouse’s mother in her dark house. (I was going to say “quiet”, but it is anything BUT quiet. M-I-L can not hear well, so the volume on the television is turned up so loud, it gives me a headache.)

Photo above is from seven years ago when M-I-L was in better health and she would visit our home for Christmas (and eat constantly!)

Not much to do… she sleeps most of the time (even with all that noise). We put on Hallmark Christmas movies for her to watch (and sleep through.)

Spouse has recovered rather quickly from his emergency that brought us to the hospital on Friday.

Today, we are doing what we need to do — be here.

We are not exchanging gifts — M.I.L. does not understand. Spouse and I donate to each other’s favorite charities instead of buy each other more “stuff.”

Not much else to do. She can not eat much, so I am not preparing a big Christmas dinner. Puree some chicken for her to eat along with some mashed potatoes. That is about it — she cannot eat anything else. No sweets, no treats, no Christmas cookies.

We will drive back to Maryland on the day after Christmas and I will return to work holding the fort and be Acting Acting of the Acting Acting Acting while everyone else spends time with family and enjoys winter travels on well deserved (or imposed) time off.

Have a joyful holiday, wherever you may be.

Life is short: do what is necessary.