Favorite Motorcycle Boots — Discontinued!

When helping a buddy (a motorcop who also rides a personally-owned Harley) with some boot shopping recently, and having raved for years about the comfort, durability, and quality of Chippewa Firefighter Boots, I was shocked when he…

…fowarded me an email from the retailer from whom he ordered a pair of these boots that said,

Unfortunately the Chippewa 8-inch slip resistant steel toe trooper boot 27422 has been discontinued.

We have contacted the manufacturer and they have informed me that they will no longer be making this product.

I don’t use profanity often, but Chippewa: WTF?

Note to my loyal booted biker blog readers, there still may be pairs of these boots available from on-line retailers before stock is depleted. If you have ever considered ordering these boots but haven’t done so, place your order today from a trusted source/retailer.

I do not have a specific recommendation of a boot retailer to use — retailers I have bought boots from before are either sold out or have fallen into a bad state of inventory management and accept orders but put them on extended back-order status.

Man, what a shock. These are really GREAT BOOTS! (I even have an entire category on this blog about those boots!)

Life is short: get your Chip Firefighters before you can’t!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Motorcycle Boots — Discontinued!

    • The management of Chippewa Boots has been making some really odd decisions lately with no explanation. Perhaps this is in retaliation for the lawsuit they lost in California about Chippewa’s “made in USA” claims that were technically incorrect. They now say, “handcrafted in USA with imported parts.” If you look at various boot retailing websites, Chippewa no longer allows their boots to be shipped to California. This legal mess is impacting the rest of us. So frustrating.

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