Boots for that Elusive Spring

Spring, oh Spring? Where art thou? You gave us a tease in February with two 80F (26C) days, and even a couple days in March that were sunny and pleasant. My Harley and I enjoyed some rides.

But lately, dear Spring, you have been elusive. My boots reflect that…

…I have to accommodate cold, windy, dreary rain and even some snow. In April. Weird weather for certain for the area where I live in Maryland USA.

So what boots does one wear when the weather is so variable? Sunny, bright, and dry one minute, then cold, windy and wet the next? What boots to accommodate office wear with occasional hikes across wet city sidewalks when attending meetings with the boss in the downtown core of my nation’s capital?

Well… the features of my boots that I want for these occasions include:

#1: Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Walking on pavement for any distance can make the feet ache if wearing fashionable dress boots that have a footbed that feels more like rocks than a cushion. These days, some of my older cowboy boots have had their footbeds harden due to age. Because the boots are older, they are also slightly smaller, so inserting a gel insole isn’t feasible. Instead, I am choosing comfortable walking boots like Chippewa hikers and even the “Sturgis” boots by Allen Edmonds. All good. All comfortable.

#2: They look okay with dress clothes in an office. That is, I am still in a supervisory leadership position, and I have regular meetings with management and my staff. I can’t wear boots that look like they are more suitable for a hike in the outdoors. So on Monday – Thursday when I will be mostly in my office (and not walking to meetings on city sidewalks), I will wear dressier motorcycle and cowboy boots with moderate lug soles.

#3: Lug soles. Yeah, when the sidewalks and stairs are wet from all this rain (and even snow), boot soles that provide traction are a must. Especially for me — the world’s #1 klutz. I trip over my own feet often. Boots with traction soles help reduce the frequency of my trips and falls. (Don’t quite eliminate it — you should see the knot on my left shin from yesterday’s pratfall!)

#4: Change. That is, I do not wear the same pair of boots day after day, or even within the same day. I change my boots often. When I remove a pair of boots, I place them in an area that has good ventilation but out of direct sunlight or airflow from a heat vent. I let them air dry naturally over a few days before I wear them again or put them away when I choose others to enter the daily lineup. Good thing to have so many choices!

Well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Though I predict this year — Winter will turn to Summer, and we will not have a Spring to speak of.

Life is short: have and wear boots for all situations and occasions!

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