Five Years Going on 25

Man, where has the time flown? I remember waking on Thursday, April 4, 2013, nervous, happy, and incredulous: this will be the day that I never thought would happen. Twenty years ago, today was never.

That day, I would participate in a marriage ceremony. MY marriage ceremony. Not “just get married,” but married to…

…the man who has become my life, my soul, my confidant, my lover, my trusted guide of my life journey, and who walks by my side always — not in front, not behind, but right there… by my side.

Only exception to that is when I was so low, so down, in sad shape that there were only one set of bootprints in the sand. Those bootprints were those of my beloved at times he carried me on our journey. There have been times that it has been the other way around.

This blog chronicles more than ten years of my life and journey. It describes some rather bad times for The Spouse during three long years of torturous illness, recovery, and ongoing struggles with damage the disease left behind.

It also describes in countless ways how very much I remain passionately in love with my man, and he with me. We have built a life of sound purpose, service, financial independence, and thoughtful devotion.

I could prattle on forever it seems. I remain as head over bootheels in love with my man today as I was on the day we married, and as I have been for our almost 25 years of being together.

They say that for some people, you don’t get to have that one true love — that one person whose flame of passion on first meeting that simmers down to embers that burn quietly, comfortably, for years.

In our case, however, we indeed have and hold that one special love and cement our relationship through bonds of marriage.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them each and every day.

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