Wearing Boots

It has been said that every generation has ways to drive the older generation crazy. Rock-n-rollers of the ’50s irritated their parents. Hippies of the ’70s irritated their parents. Today’s millennials and how their fashion marketing on boot wear…

…drives this baby boomer generation boot wearing man crazy, too. Sigh.
I dunno, if you must roll up your jeans to wear boots, at least do it like this:
Or, even better yet, don’t. Wear boots this way, the way they were made to be worn with jeans stacked ON top of the foot, not rolled up showing dorky fashion socks.

Like this.

I dunno… short boots worn with jeans rolled up as a fashion statement just looks, um, dorky.

But hey, come to think of it, if this is the only way millennials will wear boots, then do that — better than silly flip-flops!

More instructions on wearing boots is here (link to the most popular tutorial on my website.)

Life is short: wear boots!