2017 In Review (Part 1)

2017 was a tumultuous year with its highs and lows. This post recounts the highlights (and lowlights) of 2017 as it was for me. The year began…

…with a great deal of dread with the inauguration of the most embarrassing and frightening individual ever as President of the United States. My fears and concerns were proven true throughout the year with ever-increasing twitter shitstorms and more lies than anyone has ever uttered before.


I went “dark” and avoided watching any television during January.

The only highlights of the month were 1) being escorted by seven buddies (2 cops, 2 firefighters, and 3 club members) on an impromptu motorcycle ride and 2) receiving and trying on my new Langlitz Leather Gear (padded pocket Columbia jacket and competition breeches.)

That leather gear is exceptional. One thing I have learned, though, and I recommend to anyone else: don’t get the leather competition breeches. They fit well and look great, but the leather is so stiff (despite repeated conditioning) that it is impossible to bend the legs and to operate a motorcycle while wearing those things. Don’t get them (or at least, don’t buy them brand new. Perhaps used breeches would be softer and broken in.)


The beginning of February found me in Portland, Oregon, for a meeting that I thoroughly enjoyed. Though I didn’t like Portland that much — much too “urban hip” (hard to find restaurants that serve real food), expensive, wet, and cold. (Not my first rodeo in Portland — I’ve also been there when the weather was stunning.)

This month was cold and filled with taking The Spouse to numerous doctor’s appointments. We celebrated Valentine’s Day together at home. I was able to get out for one ride toward the end of the month on an unusually pleasant “winter tease” day.


March was fairly cold and wet at home and I remained mostly in a self-imposed and ongoing news blackout so I would not see any more crap from the DIC (Destroyer-In-Chief) or the National Embarrassment.

The highlight of the month was a trip to Hawaii for work. While each work day was really busy, I began this trip with one day on my own on the Big Island of Hawaii. My spouse rented me a Harley and I had a terrific, one-day adventure as a prelude to something bigger later in the year.


April was a very quiet month with lots of work at the office, many more doctor’s appointments for The Spouse, and not much else.

The Spouse and I did, however, celebrate our fourth and 24th anniversaries. Where did we celebrate? At home … Spouse hates going out, especially when he is not feeling well.


May was rather uneventful, especially in my ongoing self-imposed news blackout.

I earnestly began planning a Crazy-Awesome Motorcycle Adventure, especially when my buddy “S” agreed to go with me on that trip. Woo-hoo! Hours and hours of dreaming, planning, and dreaming some more, along with making all sorts of logistical arrangements. This trip was indeed giving me something to look forward to!

I also began riding my own Harley more often, especially to build endurance.

Low spot: another drab Memorial Day weekend in Pittsburgh, caring for the mother-in-law. No motorcycling at home for any “Rolling Thunder” activities. Again.


June was busy at work — especially when I was asked to serve as “Acting Boss” while the real boss took a four month assignment elsewhere in the country. I stayed home and “held the fort” by attending endless meetings and herding cats. I quickly realized just how much stuff the Boss protected me from having to deal with. Yikes! The bureaucracy!

I also got permission from The Spouse to restart my motorcycle commute three weeks before and two weeks after the summer solstice. That window of time brings bright enough light to ride at my usual commute time-of-day. Because I no longer ride in the dark and I will not change work hours (because even a half-hour later has much much worse traffic), my commute-to-work by motorcycle is limited only to the window of daylight around the summer solstice.

Part 2 of this short blog series will describe the better half of my 2017, starting with the most Crazy-Awesome Motorcycle Adventure that I have ever had.

Life is short: march on with time.

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