Christmas Surprises

Things are going “as expected” here at the mother-in-law’s dark and dreary house. When we awoke on Christmas morning, we were presented with a peaceful blanket of fresh fallen snow. This was not a surprise since the forecast five days ago was spot-on, but it was a delight to see.

After preparing breakfast for The Spouse and his Mom, I pulled on my warm, insulated, waterproof Chippewa Loggers and dispatched the snow from the walks in just a few minutes.

After I came back inside and had some hot chocolate while MIL slept through more Hallmark Christmas movies, I checked my email. I was surprised to find…

…one from the company from which I rented the Harley that I rode through Utah on our crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure in July with my buddy “S”. The email said,

Congratulations! Someone thinks a lot of you! You have a five-day rental of any motorcycle from any of our U.S. locations. This offer expires 12/31/2019. Call 1-888-xxx-xxxx and quote gift number (x) to make arrangements.

Sent: from a friend.

At first, I thought perhaps this was a scam. But they had my correct name, home address, and other information that is not publicly available.

The email also provided a method to log on to their site and validate the offer. It was indeed real.

However, no information as to who sent me this gift was available. It just said, “from a friend.”

Spouse immediately denied knowledge. In fact, he groaned and said, “I thought you got that out of your system. You aren’t going to do this, are you?”

We’ll talk about that later.

I sent an email to my buddy “S”. He replied rather quickly to say that he didn’t send this gift either.

I called my twin brother. After a nice catch-up, he also disavowed knowledge of this gift.

I am kinda stumped who sent this gift to me. But you know, it is kinda nice to enjoy the mystery and relish the thought that someone, somewhere, is so thoughtful. I’ll find out eventually… but for now, I just say, “wow, thanks!”

Life is short: love the lovin’!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Surprises

  1. BHD, I kinda suspect that if more of us knew about this surprise, we all woulda chipped to join in offering you this surprise.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones.

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