Singing on the Solstice

I had two funnies happen as I get in my “happy place” whilst riding my Harley to work, especially on the Summer Solstice where I can ride to work, arrive at my usual earlier-than-scheduled time, and ride in daylight. Yay!

The two funnies were…

1. I am astride my motor, waiting for a traffic light to change to green. I look around at the brilliant sunrise, see Jupiter as well as a crescent moon, bats completing their nocturnal hunting, and the intersection of the waning night with coming dawn. I love this time of day. I was so happy that I began to sing. Not known for a great voice, nonetheless, I sing when I am happy. Drives the Spouse nuts. 🙂

Anyway, I am sitting there on my Harley singing away when someone in a car next to me who happened to have his window open smiled and said, “well, I see you are having a great day!” Then he gave me a thumbs up. I smiled back and returned the gesture, never missing a word in the lyrics, “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’,” a tune by Rodgers and Hammerstein from the musical “Oklahoma!”

I performed in that play in high school, selected not because I could sing, but because I was the only one who had actually been to Oklahoma and owned his own cowboy boots. (Not common in suburban Maryland in the ’70s.) I still remember the lyrics to all the songs in the musical, and still love to sing them.

2. I continued to enjoy my ride to work, singing away. I rolled into the garage, parked and locked up my gear in the Harley’s TourPak, and continued to sing…

liddy glub gloopy, nibby nabby noopy la, la, la, lo, lo
Sabba sibby sabba, nooby abba nabba, le, le, lo, lo
Tooby ooby walla, nooby abba naba
Early morning singing song

… as I entered my office building. A colleague who also was arriving early heard me and said, “you know, I was having kind of a down morning, but hearing you sing brightened my day, so I will make it a great day, too!”

Yay! That’s the way to spread a happy biker’s sunshine.

Warning to my riding buddy “S”: I think you’re gonna hear some happy singing on our Awesome Utah Adventure! (giggle) — just plan to bring earplugs.

Life is short: smile and sing — you may be the only sunshine that others see today.

PS: Here is my 2016 first-prize winning dawn photo again, just because I love dawn. The title of this photo is, “Good Morning, Mr. Jefferson!”

3 thoughts on “Singing on the Solstice

  1. Too many underestimate the positive benefits that singing has on the psyche. I believe it is the best way to express what we are experiencing. Happy songs give way to happy feelings. Sad songs, while expressing our sadness, also comfort us.

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