Winter Tease Ride and Home State Orientation

We have been enjoying an ongoing spell of warm weather that is quite unusual for this time of year in Maryland. Ambient air temperatures have reached over 70F (21C) under sunny skies.

After spending all day Saturday tending to the usual weekend chores (Shopping with the LOLITS and husbacare), I was given a day off for good behavior, leathered and booted up (in my favorite Chippewa Firefighters) mounted the Harley, and…

…met a guy who has been following this blog for a motorcycle ride.

My new friend recently relocated to my home state. (He prefers to remain anonymous, so that’s why his face is blurred in photos here.) He wrote to me and asked some questions that I was happy to answer. We struck up a nice conversation via email.

Our weather and roads here in Maryland are quite different from what he had been accustomed to. He was talking about riding on interstate highways, and I told him that there are much better, quieter, less busy roads to ride in our home state.

So we met and we rode… and rode and rode. I led a ride on long stretches of clean asphalt with nary another vehicle in sight. Even those pesky bicyclists were riding elsewhere so I did not have to swat them like the gnats they are (LOL…I wouldn’t injure anyone, but they are very annoying sometimes!).

I picked out a route along some roads on which I had ridden before, but not all in the same route. And imagine that! Only one U-turn required! (Again, as geographically dysfunctional as I am, and as good as my GPS is, U-turns are a minimum requirement of any ride I lead.)

We stopped for lunch at a quaint restaurant in a small town in Northern Maryland. After refueling our bodies, we refueled our Harleys and rode through one of the most beautiful “ridge rides” through a small part of the Appalachian Mountains. Okay, those of you who live in truly mountainous areas will laugh at elevations of 1,900ft (580m), but these hills present a very nice ride through a national and state park.

We even stopped momentarily for some Maryland history at a covered bridge on a very old farm-to-market road.

We had a blast. I was honored to introduce my new friend to some of my favorite riding roads in rural Central and Western Maryland.

When I arrived at home, I couldn’t stop talking about how much fun I had. The spouse was happy that I was happy… a day’s reprieve from the usual routine. Mind you, I love pouring my heart and soul into caring for my spouse, but there come times when I need a break, and riding with a new buddy soothes the soul.

Life is short: live life; ride to live and strengthen the soul!