Not much time to blog. With approval of TBC*, now that The Boss is on a four-month assignment in my country’s largest state, I am now…

“Fort-Holder”. That’s the internal title I have amusingly assumed. My official internal title isn’t revealable on this blog because it would too closely identify me, where I work, and what I do, which isn’t something I discuss on this personal Not The Ordinary Gay Guy’s Blog.

Suffice it to say that I am honored for the selection to serve in the place of The Boss who is an incredibly talented and smart man from whom I have learned a lot. He has clearly been the best boss I have ever had at any time in my working career. Trust me, that’s saying something. I stopped to count and listed over 50 supervisors in only six positions since I began my post-college “adulting.”

Good thing is that The Boss will only be a phone call, email, or chat away, but he has much larger fish to fry, so I’ll try hard not to bug him too much. The Boss’ boss is also very supportive, as are our staff. I’ll be good. Though indeed this will be quite a summer of challenges yet unknown but to resolve and continue serving the public safety mission that we do.

Life is short: rise to the challenge of highest expectations.

* “The Big Cheese”

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