Blog Overtakes the Website

Dear followers of BHD’s Musings,

I sincerely appreciate your checking in for whatever I may choose to post on my blog. Interestingly, the traffic of visitors to this blog has now consistently surpassed the traffic of visitors to my boots & gear website. For the past several months, the average daily unique visitors to this blog now exceed the average daily visitors to my website by a statistically significant margin.

Why is this happening?

I am not a web-geek, but I have some observations.

1. My website is static and despite how much I have tried to make it more “mobile friendly” by adding responsive design elements, apparently I have not done that well enough. The changes that Google implemented for its search algorithm a couple years ago continues to penalize the rankings that my old website once had. That’s really okay. No, readers from ‎Bhubaneswar, Orisha (Orissa), India, the home of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies — I do NOT want your help! Please go away and stop sending me emails claiming that you are “Alice from California.” I can see from your IP address that you are misrepresenting yourself. I never do business with liars.

2. My blog, built on the WordPress platform, is automatically mobile-friendly. Nowadays, over 90% of the visitors to my blog use smartphones and tablets to visit the blog. Thus, the blog ranks higher on search results. It is also very fast loading and quite nimble on the web. Sometimes some pages on my website can take a while to load, even though the code is lightweight and does not include a lot of elements or applications that suck bandwidth.

3. I find that my blog is visited by people looking for reviews and information about boots and leather, for the most part, including a large following of those interested in motorcops and their boots. There are, however, an interestingly substantial number (more than 30%) that follow my every-day musings about motorcycle riding, my spouse, our relationship, civic engagement and voluntarism, my views on financial responsibility and independence, and other general thoughts that ramble around my head and spill out to the blog. Thank you for following my eclectic interests. I know that I do not always appeal every day to everyone’s interest, but remember: this is my blog. If you want to write your own blog, be my guest. (Let me tell ‘ya, it isn’t easy keeping it going with fresh ideas on a regular basis!)

4. My blog is not your ordinary gay guy’s blog. I choose not to write about gay drama, or any drama for that matter (though the gut-wrenching embarrassment of the U.S. President is extremely troubling). There is enough drama in today’s world without me adding to it. I am just a regular guy who likes to ride his Harley, contribute to his community through civic voluntary leadership, enjoys wearing boots every day, wears leather gear in cool/cold weather, and is married to another guy. I am a neighborhood community-oriented guy who happens to be gay, not the other way around. Frankly, I’d rather be known as “an enlightened iconoclast whose target is the icon of mummified habit and unthinking conformity.” (Thanks loyal follower Bill!)

For whatever reasons you find this blog and read it, I thank you.

If I have not mentioned a reason why you visit, please add a comment below.

Thank you for your following!

Life is short: blog on.

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  1. Blogs allow for a greater degree of engaging with the reader. Websites tend to be good at displaying content rather than engaging the reader. It’s a natural progression.

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