I’m Not Gay

I receive several email messages each week with questions about boots (usually). I continue to scratch my head when the majority of these emails have a phrase in them like,

* I’m Not Gay, by the way

* I am straight but absolutely love boots

* I am not into gay stuff, just boots

I do not know why men who write to me feel that they must assert their straightness. When I write the occasional email to someone who I do not know, but suspect from his website that he is straight, I do not add a phrase, “I’m not straight” or “I am gay but I absolutely love flip-flops.” (ha ha.)

Yes, I am gay and that fact is rather obvious from my website, or even the header of this blog, but I do not force my sexual preference on visitors. There are a lot of photos and information about boots and motorcycle gear on my website. As the website has evolved over the years, it has become “less gay” and more “informational” about current motorcycle gear and boot preferences for a middle-aged man who only wears boots (never sneakers or worse — those f-f abhorations.)

Anyway, I earnestly write back answering the guys’ questions and refrain from closing with, “I hope this answer from a gay guy is helpful.” Really… I just hope that my answer regardless of my sexual orientation and marriage status is helpful.

I am a guy — a biker, boot aficionado, and general “been around the block once or twice” kinda guy. Not “that gay guy with a bunch of boots.”

Life is short: wear boots. ‘nuf said.