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Someone sent me a message through this blog last week to give me his perspective on this blog. Apparently he has been reading my blog for years, but only now took some time to write to me. He said:

I guess you can call me one of your loyal blog readers. This is the first time I have written to you. Most of the time, I find your blog refreshing and different. It is not the ordinary gay guy’s blog.

I found your blog while looking for information about a pair of cowboy boots to wear when I ride my motorcycle. I live in Texas and always wear boots, but wanted a pair of good-looking cowboy boots that also had some tread on the soles. Your blog and its boot reviews answered a lot of my questions. I got a pair of Chippewa boots that you recommended and like them.

I also saw some other blogs and reviews written by gay guys. Most of those websites were silly and not helpful. I thought gay guys didn’t wear boots, or if they did, they wore them as a costume. Who am I to know? I don’t hang out with gay guys, being straight and married with 2 kids.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your blog sure is different. I return to read it often. Thanks.

Yeah, my blog is different. Regular readers follow my adventures in life, read my concerns about how my marriage is being understood and recognized, know that I remain deeply in love with my one-and-only-man, that I know a thing or two about boots and write about them (to complement my website), have a passion for wearing leather in public — not only to wear when I ride my Harley. I am active in my community, care for a legion of senior pals, do some construction and home renovations, and other stuff. I’m just an ordinary guy with various interests and disinterests who writes a blog. What you see is what you get.

I think what makes my blog different from other “gay blogs” is that I generally don’t make the gay thing a big deal. I do not write about politics (much), or show photos of hot men and comment about them, or describe clothing styles (other than men need to get over self-imposed fear about wearing boots with dress clothes in an office). There are hundreds of blogs that do those things. This blog really is not a “gay blog” but rather a “guy with different interests blog written by a guy who happens to be gay.”

I choose to describe my every-day life and interests, joy of motorcycling with safe riders, disdain for dressing up and dancing, and my preferences for a comfortable and warm home life over going out to dinner and entertainment. I also rant on occasion about how some people live beyond their means while my spouse and I actively practice financial responsibility — we don’t spend what we don’t have. I also sometimes rant about smartphones, and my passion for remaining in the unthethered world as long as I can. I don’t need one of those expensive-to-maintain gadgets.

Anyway, I’m glad someone took the time to write to me with his opinion and reviews. I welcome feedback and content suggestions. After blogging now for well over five years and 1,830 posts, I find it harder to come up with new content, so suggestions are welcome.

This blog will pretty much remain in the same theme. Why? Well… it’s really because I have promised myself that I will keep the blog going and that takes a LOT of work! To do that, I choose to write about whatever is on my mind when I have some time to write. That’s why the blog covers so many topics. I would run out of content if I tried to confine it to one topic.

Life is short: thanks for visiting this blog, where life remains variable but fairly consistently happy 🙂

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  1. I totally agree with your emailer here.

    I too came to your blog looking for cowboy boot info, as I started to get back into wearing boots after a hiatus of many years. One day my wife said, “You never wear your kickers any more.” And that was that. I put on my original pair from high school, and the rest is history. 35 pairs later… and now I have the courage to wear them whenever, whereever, even to work and church — remember, I’m in a very “non-booted” state, like BHD, and boots are kind of “weird” and “fetishy” unless you get in the very very rural parts of the state.

    At first, I felt a little guilty looking at this gay biker dude’s blog. Thought I’d find the usual smut and silliness. But, no. Here is a very mature, loving gentleman, who, regardless of how busy he is, always takes the time to answer my boot (and other) questions.

    And it was through him that I kind of did an about-face on the whole SSM thing. And yes, I’m a Christian. And a conservative Republican too.

    I keep reading his blog because it’s not well, “gay.” No hairstyles and silly “star news.” No “OMG, this athlete is in the closet.” Just honest, simple, down-to-earth reading.

    Do I agree with everything he says? No. But do I respect him and his opinions. Most definitely.

    I’ve come to treasure this man’s friendship. Maybe we’ll meet one day, maybe not. And that’s OK too. But I hope so.

    So, thanks, good man, for all you do for us bootphiles.

  2. The blog is a success because you’re genuine and speak from the heart. You also articulate your point of view very clearly, simply and effectively. In essence, it’s good writing coupled with good subject matter. That’s why we keep coming back!


  3. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your Blog also. I look forward to open your blog and see what is happening in your life. I enjoy boots and like to look at yours ,. Thanks for taking the time to keep in up and for the interesting daily postings

  4. I certainly welcome and confirm you observations about life styles, personal choices and preferences and liberal political stances.

    You being an authority of choice on all things “boots,” however, I would welcome further commentary on, well….boots! For example, the qualities of various leathers, how they wear, how to care for them, which are appropriate for particular kinds of boots, how different brands are made and how they compare in terms of their specialty niches. How various leathers are treated, and with what for particular purposes. The history of various makers, perhaps. Your discussion of your boots from Tidewater, for example, was fascinating.

    Still, I understand if these topics and speculations about them are not your primary concerns, and I’ll continue to read your blog with interest.


    • Great suggestions! I appreciate them very much. I will make your topics subjects of future posts on this blog. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. BHD, I agree with the respondents above, but what I find so great about your blog is that it isn’t the ‘ordinary gay guy’s blog’. When I watch even the most gay-friendly program or read the most gay-friendly publication, I find too many of them further a stereotype and (perhaps) strengthen unintentionally that mold which is often a pejorative or negative one. Those site/publications seem to appeal to those who are willing to be told what to do, what to wear, where to go, etc. as if the reader would otherwise be unable figure this out himself/herself. Those magazines or news shows are usually out to sell something or someone and so their aim isn’t necessarily for the happiness or contentment of the individual. After all, why aim to help uncounted people find their own way when there’s a buck to made by convincing them they simply must “wear their Calvin’s or nothing at all?”

    As your site is not commercial, you are free to write, tell, display or advocate for what you believe in and what you believe could make others happier, more contented people. So, you tell us about your boots and boot-wearing and show us that despite the millions spent trying to get us to wear Prada, we can be just as stylish in Chippewa, White’s or Baker’s. Instead of hitting the nearest fashionable disco to seek out Mr. Right-Now, there’s the love of your life to share an evening with or a senior friend or neighbor who may be the best company anyone could be privileged to ever enjoy. Instead of dumping paycheck after paycheck in someone’s pocket to go to a gym where you can ‘enjoy’ the experience of working out on a sweaty, stinking and germ-infested weight machine or swim in the local piss-enriched pool, there are more productive and constructive chores and tasks to be accomplished which will result in the same end.

    What you’ve intentionally done (but perhaps without concurrent realization) is to demonstrate that despite the best laid plans to make a template for what an ‘ordinary’ gay guy may be, that there truly isn’t an ‘ordinary’ gay guy. In the process you’ve booted that stereotype as far away as possible while helping to remind all of your readers that they too need not settle for subjugation by what the conventional received wisdom may be. They too have the right and the ability to make a choice in their own lives. They need not live as helpless (hapless?) victims who are only to be dictated to without having recourse to other possibilities. That in regards to life situation, motorized conveyance or footwear preference, there are choices to be made and we can still make them. That is what keeps me coming back to your blog and I suspect it is in part what keeps others coming back as well.

    Thank you for your most excellent and informative blog, BHD. I think of you as being – in the best possible way – an enlightened iconoclast whose target is the icon of mummified habit and unthinking conformity. And you do it all in the most varied pairs of boots anyone could ever see.

    • Wow… simply wow. You are truly gifted in articulating your thoughts and perceptions, which are (in my opinion) spot-on. Thank you for being such a loyal follower of my blog.

      Now, to pull on another pair of boots and target those with mummified habits and unthinking conformity….

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