Great Uncle-ing

Yesterday, BHD’s alter ego became a Great Uncle to twin boys. Makes #39 and 40 of “the greats” in the family (that is, children of BHD’s siblings’ children). His niece, the Mom, is doing fine, and her husband — as usual — showed pictures of the boys on Facebook. Amazing how Facebook has replaced all other forms of communication about the birth of children.

Honestly, BHD’s alter ego wouldn’t know who’s who and born to whom in his humongous family if it weren’t for that social media site. He kinda has a love-hate relationship with it, but it does keep him well informed about what his family, friends, and professional colleagues are doing.

“BHD” is not on Facebook. BHD’s alter-ego, the guy on Facebook, does not “friend” people who he does not know. He uses it strictly to keep up with family, neighbors, motorcycle riding buddies, and colleagues from his profession around the world. This is another way that he strives to keep himself in different worlds. Blog here, Facebook there… LOL! (It is weird talking about myself in the third person! LOL!)

BHD’s alter ego plans to visit the newest additions to the family this coming weekend. He is thrilled — more twin boys in the family! BHD and his twin, J, can share some of our experience which may help their Mom and Dad understand how to be good parents to fraternal twins.

Woo-hoo! both BHD’s alter ego and I are one very happy Great Uncle! (J is too, but this is confusing enough!)

Life is short: love your family!

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  1. Yes, I am thrilled to be a Great Uncle again! Can't wait to see them when I come to visit soon. You're right — the pics on Facebook are great to see. Those tykes look huge!

    See you soon,

    Ore e sempre,


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