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CowboyheelThis is another blog post inspired by my reader from Belgium who asked,

I was wondering If you have encountered more people who got motivated by you or your blog to wear their boots more open, maybe with the pants tucked inside? In addition to this, I was wondering if your wearing of boots has convinced people in your family or friends or neighbors to also start wearing boots? I remember an old blog text about a young family-menber of yours who was going to high school or college and came to you for advice on which boots to buy?

I have to say in response and full candor that…

…most of my “boot influencing” is via this blog and my website boot collection displays and tutorials.

cousins2postThe vast majority of my male friends and family are similar to most others, and they do not wear boots. Period. There are a few exceptions, from my kid bro cousin with whom I ride motorcycles, and bought him a pair of Chippewa harness boots that he wears when we ride our motorcycles together. (But never with his pants tucked into them.)

I have a few Great Nephews who also have expressed an interest in wearing boots, and one of my dozens of “greats” still does today, but no others.

Ride01122014blogOther than my friends in my motorcycle club who wear boots when they ride (but sneakers when they do not), there are no other people in my daily life who wear boots.

My daily life finds me: 1) at work, where men wear dorky dress shoes at the office (except me); 2) with my spouse, who cannot wear boots due to a disability; 3) escorting senior pals — little old ladies in tennis shoes (LOLITS); 4) visiting family, who are almost all sneaker-shod; and 5) in my community at wonky meetings, where most men are in suits and (you guessed it), dorky dress shoes.

mrsplainjeansI am the only one in my suburban Maryland community who ever has had the courage to wear leather and tall boots out in the public — but not in the office. I do have to conform with the office dress code, so I wear a shirt & tie, but also dress boots. In public — at meetings or whilst shopping in the community — I wear leather jeans and boots, but again in candor, usually the leather jeans are over the boots, not inside them.

I do not go to a gym, so I have no visibility on men’s footwear, but I’m sure that guys at gyms always wear sneakers. I have retired from the gay men’s leather scene, so I do not socialize with other men who find BLUF attire to their liking, including tall boots. But as I said, I have retired from that scene and like others, only see photos on the internet of tall-booted and leathered men. I do not go out to eat at restaurants, drink at bars, or to any other social events (parties, dinners, etc.), so I have no visibility on men’s footwear in social settings.

So that brings me back to influences from this blog and my website.

rp_Allam22.jpgI know that one of my first regular readers of the blog, “S” from Vermont, purchased two pairs of boots that I influenced him on: All American Patrol Boots that he wears with breeches when he rides his Harley, and also Chippewa Firefighter boots that he also wears when he rides. He may have other boots, but he has not told me about them.

rp_Olathebrown04.jpgOne of the most avid and regular readers and commenters on this blog, WC, who lives in the northeastern United States. He has morphed from wearing dress shoes with occasional boots at work to only boots at work. He has relegated the dress shoes to a donation bin. Congratulations to him for becoming A Booted Man in an Unbooted State. (Olathe boots shown were once in my collection but are now on his feet).

rp_Lucblackgoat05.jpgThere are some other guys who have written to me and told me that I have influenced them to wear boots. Examples: 1) a man with gratitude; 2) where I have had unknown influence; 3) 6 guys of 2014; 4) 28 year old team leader; 5) Jeff, the office professional; and 6) New To Boots Attorney.

I receive questions via my website or this blog from guys who are interested in boots and are seeking answers to questions they have, often before making a purchase. I also receive a lot of other questions about boots as well, from fitting, design, functionality, and more. I am guessing that some number of the guys who write to me also have been influenced by what I say or write to wear boots as well. However, 95% of the guys who write to me and who I answer (often in great detail) never reply, even with as much as a “thank you.”

Anyway, I hope this answers my Belgian friend’s question. Yes, I am an advocate for men wearing boots, and perhaps through this blog and my website, a little influential, as well.

Life is short: wear boots!

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