Inspiring Men to Wear Boots

WorkLately, six guys have written to me to ask a question about boots, and each of them began with telling me that for some reason, this blog and my website have inspired them to wear boots and encourage others to do the same.

I really am amazed at that, especially with an unusual number of real people writing to me. I usually receive an average of just two to four inquiries each month.

What is my “secret” to inspire men to wear boots?

Blackjackpython12Nothing special… I just wear them. Or let me refine that… I wear boots and explain why I chose that pair, what I wore them with, and illustrate that a man can carry on a normal life — going to work at a full-time professional job, volunteering in the community, caring for his family and loved-ones, and occasionally riding his Harley for fun with an organized motorcycle club.

My point is that in order to inspire men to wear boots, he should just pull ’em on and wear them. Wear boots with dress clothes, jeans, leather, or whatever the choices are. Wear the “right boot for the right application.”

I think over the years I have done that — both by describing how I wear boots in my daily life on this blog, and by actually doing it.

My boss is booted now. Other guys at conferences show me their boots — they actually are more proud or not as sheepish — to wear boots in public. Wearing boots isn’t rocket science!

JeansblogAnd boots provide so much more to a man than other choices of footwear. A man in boots expresses himself as strong, independent, masculine, and that he is his own man — not a clone in dress shoes.

A man in boots on a motorcycle demonstrates that he understands the risks of motorcycling, and minimizes that risk by choosing appropriate, sturdy, well-built over-the-ankle footwear, long pants, and a DOT-approved helmet each and every time he rides. He’s not stupid.

BlogwfallA man in work boots gets the job done — everything from mowing the lawn to building a house and every job in between.

A man in cowboy boots doesn’t have to work on a ranch for a living. More men, like me, choose to wear cowboy boots while working in a professional office even in states, provinces, and countries where wearing boots isn’t considered “the norm.” Go ahead — be your own guy and strong enough to avoid social influences against wearing boots.

I hope in whatever small way I have encouraged men to wear boots that they continue to do so. Life is too short to cower in fear of imagining what other people may say. Pull on your boots, stand tall, smile, shake hands, and show your enthusiasm for life — as a confident man in boots.

Life is short: wear boots. Always. (Well, maybe not in bed… I’m not quite *that* interested in boots LOL!)

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Men to Wear Boots

  1. Reason enough to learn and be guided by you is that you apply reason, and consistency, to this blog. A person seeking help in their choices is more apt to hear something if it is repeated with the same conviction each time.
    As always, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I have always said, “You never really know the effect you have on others merely by being yourself”.

    I wear boots to the office. Have done so long before I stumbled across your blog. No one has have ever given me grief.

    I wear high polished harness boots with my tuxedo to formal events. Other men have told me that they wish they could do that. My response? You can. Whether they did or not, I don’t know. They’ve seen it done so I know it got them thinking about it.

    Get noticed by being yourself,

    Larry in CA

  3. Good friend: I sent this to you in an email, but wanted to include it here for your general readership.

    Thanks for you encouragement in getting me to not be afraid to wear boots every day. You have helped me become less self-conscious, and have helped build my self-esteem, which at times is pretty low. When I started wearing boots, I was afraid of being laughed at and ridiculed. Now, I wear them proudly, not to make a statement, but just because I enjoy wearing them. Thanks again!

  4. It’s awesome to read that Harleydude’s influence on wearing boots is rubbing off on other men. It’s even more amazing that we are now at the time of the year where we are seeing people wearing sandals and even worse, those ugly ass Flip-Flops. You are right Harleydude, Flip-Flops belong in the trash. You know, I saw lots of people wearing boots last summer and of course, I am seeing quite a bit of people wearing them so far this summer. And for weavingcowboy, I felt that same way as you did, and like you, I wear my boots proudly. You shouldn’t wear boots to wear a statement. Although I don’t wear boots everyday, I do wear them all year round and they are on my mind pretty much everyday. Hopefully, we will be reading more stories on men who were influenced by Harleydude to wear boots.

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