Leather and Boot Videos

VideolacebootsMostly between 2007 and 2011, I made a number of videos and posted them here on YouTube. The videos were, at first, displays of my boots, and then I produced several tutorials (lacing firefighter boots or breaking in Dehner boots, for example), or reviews about boots (boots for bikers, boots on a budget, etc.)

Some people have asked me, “why have you stopped making videos?” Answers…

…three main reasons:

1. Time: I really do not have time to record and edit videos any more. With working full-time in a management position, and caring for my spouse and senior pals, I give priority to those activities and I have very little “free time” left.

2. Editing software: Back in the day, Microsoft had a nifty little tool built-in with Windows computers called Windows Movie Maker. It was simple and easy to use. Then they changed it and made it much more difficult and non-intuitive to use. They also stopped bundling video editing software with new computers. Third-party video editing software was expensive (some of it) and all that I tried were much harder to use. I had enough with how complex and non-intuitive that editing software had become and gave up.

3. Spousal dislike: My spouse has always thought that self-produced videos on YouTube were “silly” or “stupid” and he did not want me to make them. I produced most of my videos while he was working and I had time off at home, alone. Now that the spouse is retired and never, ever, goes anywhere (ever), he is always home and therefore I have lost my natural location where it was easiest to produce videos.

There are a few other minor reasons that I stopped making videos too, such as running out of content ideas or less interest in dealing with the silly comments that videos sometimes attract, but mostly the videos stopped when time and The Spouse became major issues.

Even though most of my videos are aging, I have not removed them or deleted my YouTube channel. Some of the videos are still viewed and I still get comments from time to time. Most of the comments thank me for sharing instructions (boot lacing, ankle breaking), but occasionally, I get comments like this:

What’s up with all of the leather and boot videos on youtube when I search boot reviews? I feel like there’s a sub culture for this, is it big with the gay community?

The simple answer to this question is that few straight guys who are not trying to sell something post videos about boots on YouTube. They will post videos about their family, racing cars, playing sports, and activities like that, but very few straight men will post videos like I have about boots. So yes, boot and leather videos are posted more often by gay men because they are not afraid to describe their interests in boots & leather, while straight guys are afraid of being labeled gay if they create and post a non-sales-pitch video about boots/leather. That simple.

I have moved on in my life by doing other things and not producing videos any more. It does not mean that I do not enjoy boots or leather, it just means that my life priorities, willingness to fuss with complicated video editing software, and having the spouse underfoot (under boot) all the time makes it almost impossible for me to do.

Life is short: enjoy boot & leather videos on YouTube.