How To Wear Biker Boots

Google directs a number of visitors here with questions about how to wear “Biker Boots.” I am unsure why someone would enter that question in a search engine, but they did… so here goes.

Q.  How do you wear biker boots?

A.  On your feet.

Q.  No, seriously, how should a guy wear biker boots?  With jeans tucked in or not?

A.  Okay, seriously:  either way.  Seriously.

Q.  Does wearing jeans inside boots look gay?

A.  This statement, or shall I say, “label,” is heard sometimes, mostly from insecure men who are afraid of being labeled with anything related to being gay.  Read this post for more info about boots “looking gay.”

Q.  What boots are best for bikers?

A.  I have answered this several times, here, here, and here.  But the short story if you don’t want to revisit past blog posts are boots that are tall enough to cover and protect your ankles, and that have sturdy, well-constructed soles (such as Vibram 100 lug) that provide good traction, and are reasonably priced.

Q.  What boots look best on bikers?

A.  That is a matter of personal opinion.  A regular “biker-biker,” that is, a guy who rides a cruiser or touring bike, looks good in a pair of regular black harness boots or engineer boots.  Modern-day boots made for motorcycling look like a cross between hikers and sneakers — and in my humble opinion, don’t look as good on a biker as traditional harness or engineer boots.  But each guy is entitled to his own opinion.  (Kids who ride crotch-rockets seldom wear boots at all.)

Q.  What about cop boots?

A.  Sure, tall black patrol boots look great, especially on a cop, but also on any guy riding a motorcycle while wearing breeches or leather.  Patrol boots make a commanding appearance and have a unique style.  These boots are made for motorcycling.  However, I’ve noticed in my some 30+ years of riding, that only two types of men wear tall black patrol boots:  1) motor officers, and 2) gay guys who like to wear leather to attend various “runs” or events, but seldom, if ever, actually ride a motorcycle.

I will probably get grief from some friends who are retired cops or another group of biker buds who like to wear patrol boots as I do, but I recognize that most bikers do not choose to wear patrol boots if they’re not a cop.

Q.  So how should a guy wear them?

A.  Regularly and often, usually with regular ol’ blue jeans.  Stand tall, walk confidently.  Biker boots look good with blue jeans (but see this post for full details on what to wear with biker boots).  And there is no “rule” that biker boots must be black.  Brown biker boots look good, too, and many bikers wear them.

Q.  How long does it take to break in a new pair of biker boots?

A.  It depends on the boot and its construction.  Low-grade biker boots, like the Harley brand (made in China) break in quickly, because the leather and soles are soft and generally thinner than the materials used for higher-quality boots.  Mid-grade biker boots, such as made by Chippewa, Red Wing, Boulet, and others are made from decent leather and often have a Vibram sole.  They break in rather easily by wearing them for about 8 – 16 hours.  Hi-grade biker boots, such as made by the West Coast Shoe Company (“Wesco Boots”) are made of very thick leather and have very rugged soles.  Those boots can take weeks of wear to break in so they conform to the wearer’s foot and are comfortable.

Patrol boots should be broken in manually before actually wearing them, as described here.

Q.  What else should I know about how to wear biker boots?

A.  Remember:  image.  A biker presents a sense of confidence and ruggedness.  His boots should present the same.  Stand tall, walk proudly.  Even if you don’t actually ride a motorcycle, it’s okay to wear biker boots.  They are comfortable, durable, and are a good-looking alternative to other types and styles of boots, such as cowboy boots.  Mix it up!

Life is short:  wear biker boots!