Autumn Splendor

My partner and I like autumn more than Spring.  While autumn represents the turn of life toward winter, it is also a time when we have pleasant, warmish days, and the time to enjoy it.  In Spring, we’re always so busy with work on and around the house, it’s summer before we know it.  In autumn, though, the days are slow and lazy, relaxed and comfortable.

Ordinarily, I have enjoyed some of my nicest motorcycle rides in autumn, as well.  This year, my riding season has ended prematurely because of recent surgery preventing me from riding for a while.  But that’s okay, I’ll survive.

Meanwhile, my partner and I are enjoying the autumn leaf change in our very own back yard. We took some time to take a stroll and admire the estate (as much as one could call it that… LOL!)

Life is short:  enjoy its vibrancy!

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