Leather Ties

Okay, I have ranted about not wanting to wear a noose (that is, a necktie) to work. My partner has “other plans.”  The other day, he presented me a gift of two very well-made leather ties, one in blue and one in grey (not all leather must be black). He bought them from 665 Leather of West Hollywood, California, as a “you got a job, now wear a tie” gift.

Hmmm… I guess he knows me too well. I would like to wear leather to work, but of course I can’t. However, in the right circumstances, a dress leather tie would look cool!

Of course, I had to put them on with some leather shirts in my gear closet. They have a nice appearance together. Some day soon I will try them on with a regular shirt, but until then, I’ll just hang out in leather, even monochromatic leather. 🙂

How thoughtful my best half is. Truly… he found a way for me to want to wear a tie! LOL!

Life is short: make accommodations and cherish the love.