Snow Day!

Snow02132014dA large snowstorm has been forecast, and the area where I live is supposed to receive 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25cm) of snow, which for the DC Metro area, shuts everything down. Schools, offices, as well as local, state, and Federal Government agencies are closed.

However, that doesn’t mean that I am not working.

Contrary to misinformed belief, work-life continues for many of us on a snow day…

… yep, I am teleworking. I have so much work on my plate this time of year that I cannot take a day off.

But I betcha this so-called storm will be a bust. We may get half of the snow that is predicted, and what will be left will be a very wet mess. It rained all day yesterday and through the night. The ground warmed up, so whatever snow falls will melt, or be very wet.

Later today, it will be a wet mess to shovel.

What boots will I wear? My good old waterproof Chippewa loggers. They will keep my feet warm and dry.

But during the daytime while working, my foot wear will be… socks. Just socks.

Life is short: thank technology for keeping the workflow flowing.