Quiet and Peaceful

Things at the ol’ BHD ranch are quiet and peaceful these days. The spouse and I have mostly recovered from the bad colds that we had. My doc was amazed that I got over it in 3 days, because his experience with this strain of the cold virus has been that it has caused cold symptoms to last much longer.

I am not 1000%, but with rest, home-made chicken soup, fluids, and more rest, I am over the worst of it and will return to work tomorrow.

It is darn cold, so our activities have been…

…indoors with mundane routine. Taking down all of the Christmas decorations was deferred from last weekend until this one because the spouse had an attack of “you’ve GOT to deal with all these boots!” frenzy last Saturday. So I built some more shelving, reorganized storage, and disposed of five pairs of boots that I would never wear again (and no one else would, either, so don’t be upset with me that I didn’t send them to you!)

Besides resting to get over the cold, we have been enjoying each other’s company. My spouse is such an intelligent man. I love having in-depth conversations with him about all sorts of things.

I also enjoy the cold mornings when we have nothing in particular on the agenda, so we can hold each other closely and enjoy warmth under the covers, lingering in bed perhaps a little longer than we should.

Oh well… that’s about it for an update while I’m having a writer’s block again. Tune in later for another installment of “what rolls out of his head.”

Life is short: cherish down time.

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