Organizing Boots for the New Year

My spouse is the good kind of neatnick. He detests clutter, and has helped me mend my former ways of “file by pile” as well as “boot storage = where you took them off last.” (giggle.)

After all, I developed my website because my best half was complaining of tripping over boots and that I did not know how many I had, or whether I liked them or not.

For about a half-day yesterday, the boot storage issue in our house…

…was updated and restored to order. No clutter or piles of boots stored kinda all over. (I admit, if I didn’t have my spouse keeping after me, our home would be a wreck.)

I built some additional shelving for boot storage on an interior wall of my master closet.

We have a “his-and-his” master closets. Mine has clothes and about 40 pairs of boots, and his has clothes and more clothes, plus a few pairs of ugly shoes.

But the biggest change was to the “boot room” that I built about ten years ago in our basement. I added some more shelving against the back wall and tidied up the place. Have a look:BootstorageJan201501BootstorageJan201502BootstorageJan201503BootstorageJan201504I have a bet with my spouse on how long this organized storage will prevail. Well, I’ll try, I really will.

Life is short: organize boot storage and display your collections proudly!

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