Airport Boot Sightings

Recently, I flew from Washington, DC, through Charlotte, North Carolina, to a city on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. While in the airports waiting for my flights, of course I did a lot of people watching — or in my case — looking for the occasional boot sighting.

I am pleased, at least during winter, there were more boots on men’s feet than anticipated. Of course there were a few dodo birds who…

…who wore gym shorts with flip-flops and three layers of clothing on top, including a hoodie. It was really cold out… why the silly beach wear? I dunno; I can’t figure out kids these days.

About 20% of men wore business attire… figures, for “business men” on their way to or from business meetings. Typical drab, boring, clone-garb of suit, tie, and dorky dress shoes.

The vast majority of other men were dressed casually — denim jeans, t-shirts or casual shirts, and sneakers. Lots and lots of sneakers. To be expected. While sneakers also look dorky (in my opinion), they do provide comfort when having to be on your feet a lot — especially to men who do not have comfortable boots (or the courage to wear boots.)

However, there were a few men — maybe about a dozen observed among hundreds at both airports — who wore real boots.

One guy — a young army soldier dressed in civvies — was wearing Carhatt work pants and a pair of White’s loggers. Damn heavy boots. But he wore them proudly, even giving me a show (without realizing it) by lifting his pants legs to re-tie his boots. These boots were at least 14 inches tall. (I would have enjoyed following him through security.)

Several other younger guys wore rather typical cowboy/work boots. Dirty, scuffed, showing a lot of wear — these boots have definitely been on the feet of a man who does hard work.

Then about a half-dozen men, like me, who wore traditional cowboy boots with jeans or even dress slacks. I saw various kinds of boots from traditional leather to a few with exotic skins. So there is hope, after all, that not all men are afraid to wear boots through an airport.

By the way — some women wore fashion boots. But those boots (or women) do not attract my eye, so I was not paying attention. I am sure that more women wore boots than men, but I cannot say since I do not look at women or their footwear.

Sorry for no photos. I don’t have one of those i-thing-a-ma-jigs. My phone is so dumb and I am so frugal (aka “cheap”) that I can’t take pictures with it because I do not have a free method to transfer images to a platform where I can post them with this blog.

But it was heartening in a way to see real men wearing real boots in airports. So much better than those awful flip-flops and dorky sneakers & dress shoes.

Life is short: wear boots!