Resuming Routine, in Boots

Now that my Christmas vacation is over, I have returned to the usual routine: awaken at 0400, bathe, dress, do quiet stuff, then pull on my boots and leave for work by 0515. Man, that was hard yesterday (Friday), my first day back at work for the year.

During my time off, my twin brother and I …

…visited family after I returned from taking the mother-in-law back home. We visited with several siblings, nieces and nephews, and their children. It was great to spend quality time with the family throughout the past week. With as large of a family as we have, we have to spread out the visits, with as many as four visits on one day. But all great… I sure enjoyed that.

My brother and his wife returned to their home in Italy yesterday (Friday), while I returned to work.

How have I been booted? Various cowboy boots found their way onto my feet… rattlesnakes at work on Friday, Chippewa firefighters with leather jeans on Thursday; Chippewa harness boots with leather jeans most of Wednesday, then I switched to my black/white/blue Luccheses for New Years Eve (when I went to my friends’ house where I always go on NYE); Chippewa arroyos boots with jeans on Tuesday; Dehners and then Chippewa Hi-Shines with leather jeans on Monday… the usual stuff for me. I alternate leather jeans with denim jeans and different boots throughout the winter at random.

My spouse has a bit of a cold, so he remains snuggly and is resting quietly at home. This weekend will also be a quiet home time since rain is forecast for the entire weekend.

Next week, I return to work and also have a short business trip to a community on the southeast Atlantic coast for a few days. First trip of several trips coming up for me in the new year, and the shortest one. Next trip in a couple weeks to the West Coast, both north and south. Gonna be a busy boy in boots!

I enjoyed my winter break, but I am really ready to return to my regular routine. I think my spouse is ready for the same.

Life is short: appreciate routine!