Cowboy Boots with Suits

TLPecan19I work in a professional office. I seldom wear a suit or even a jacket, but there are occasions that I do. While I work in a professional office, the traditional business suit is not customarily worn any more, even by the big cheese to whom I report. However, I usually wear a shirt and tie, and keep a jacket handy (hanging on the back of my door) for times when custom demands.

And I always wear boots. No exception. Even with a suit or less formal attire — jacket and tie.

I received an email the other day from an instructor at a community college in Texas. She wrote:

Subj: “Boots and Suits”

Thank you for posting some pictures of boots worn with suits. I teach a class on professionalism to students who mainly come from a rural background. Wearing boots is very important to personal identity, but I’m trying to encourage them to do it the right way for the business world. I’m glad I can now show them good examples of wearing boots with maintaining professionalism for the corporate world.

I work on the U.S. East Coast near Washington, DC. There could not be a more staid, drab, dull, and “corporate” unstated dress code among men.

Few men have the courage to wear real boots with a suit or dress clothes in a professional office. (I said “real boots” because those short little things that Allen Edmonds calls “boots” are just slightly taller dress shoes.) I do not understand why men who work in a professional field are so reluctant to wear boots. Honestly, no one says anything, or if they do, they pay a compliment.

I liked what this instructor said — that one can wear boots and maintain professionalism for the corporate (or government) world. Yes, a man can do it. I do, all the time.

Life is short: wear boots with dress clothes!

2 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots with Suits

  1. Reading this blog reminds me of a couple of things:

    I recently started watching a show called “The Good Wife”. It is a legal drama that airs on CBS on Sunday nights. I normally don’t watch legal dramas because those types of shows don’t interest me. However, there is an actress named Archie Panjabi, who stars on that show, and she recently announced that she is leaving the show at the end of the season. But that’s not the reason why I started watching the show. The reason is that she plays a character on that show who always wears knee high boots with her business wardrobe. One of my biggest weaknesses is seeing a woman in a pair of boots, especially in a business suit, which is something that I don’t see too often. It’s refreshing to see a woman wear boots with a business suit and the law firm is as business casual as they get, which leads me to my second point.

    At one of my previous jobs, I used to work at the Headquarters of a department store and there was a young woman, who is an attorney and she used to always wear platform boots with her business suits. We never worked in the same department but I would run into her in the cafeteria from time to time and she would always wear those platform boots. I think she wore those platform boots because she was only like 5’0″, I think she was doing her Stevie Nicks thing without wearing the dresses. Her look of wearing platform boots with business suits really had a huge impression on me. I really wanted to get to know her but unfortunately, she wasn’t interested in getting to know me and I am still very disappointed with that.

  2. Since I’ve begun reading this blog, I’ve noted more and more guys in New York City wearing boots with (and without) suits. I think the number who are now wearing cowboy boots with suits has grown noticeably where before this I mostly saw harness boots worn. Maybe New York is attracting more talent with their own sense of style.

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