Hope and Optimism

180px-Glass-of-waterI am, by nature, an optimistic person. I see an 350ml glass with 175ml of water in it, and I think the glass is “pretty full.” Not even half-full, but “more than enough to quench my thirst.”

I have always been that way. I cannot explain exactly why. Perhaps my parents had something to do with it, ensuring that we were happy and safe, well fed, loved, and cared for as we were growing up.

So my usual bright and cheerful outlook could not be withheld on Wednesday when I took my spouse for a routine visit with his doctor…

… yep, the spouse himself said, “okay” when he was asked how he was feeling. Believe me, that is a direct improvement because his usual response for the last nine months has been to say, “lousy!” … then grump and grumble about feeling so badly.

Wednesday… different story. The spouse had that I.V. line taken out, then got a thorough exam plus the latest lab results. After an intelligent discussion, the doctor agreed that it was time to stop all antibiotic medications. My spouse’s own immune system seems to be improving enough for his body to do what comes naturally to fight disease. He also needs a respite from dealing with the side effects of the drugs.

My spouse is nowhere near recovered… but there are signs of improvement. He can think, act, and carry on a conversation without difficulty. He has a bit more energy and stamina. He has had a happier disposition.

He credits feeling better to my care. He also said something to the doctor that made me smile. When the doc asked him, “how are you really feeling?” my spouse pointed to me and said, “with this guy around, I can’t help but feel good.”

I take all these signs as a degree of improvement which buoys my spirits immensely. I still am careful and continue in my caregiver role, but for now, the “nursing duties” are not required.

I think I’ll go for a ride on my Harley!

Life is short: celebrate positive steps.