Hunky Husband or Spicy Spouse?

I dunno, you decide…

Yep, the spouse is actually smiling!SpiceBeefcake02Life is short: show those you love how you love them!

2 thoughts on “Hunky Husband or Spicy Spouse?

  1. Hmm definitely looks spicey in the first pic and hunky in the second one – amazing considering what he has been going through – I look at your mug also in the first pic – ya oughta have a broad wide smile dude.

  2. I feel a sense of calm that should be with you always. But I have to tell you that Senora Farinacci will continue to pray for your wellbeing as will I.
    I must say, though, (after a pause and skip in the thought processes), that “thatsa one spicy meatball!” Glad you are happy.

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