Boots of the Last Week

I continued with my daily routine of wearing boots. Following are the boots that I wore each day during the past week.

Sunday 22 June

Began the day as usual by taking a long, long, vigorous walk with my senior walking partner. I wore the usual Chippewa Hikers.

NRattle06Returned home, showered, and did some housecleaning (quietly) until the spouse awoke. I then got dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and a comfortable pair of Nocona Rattlesnake boots.

Prepared my spouse “everything-free” waffles and rabbit food for breakfast. He is so fatigued, he returned to bed.

I picked up three LOLITS and took them grocery shopping. After the fun of that was over, I returned home, got the spouse up, and did some physical therapy with him. He has to keep the blood flowing.

I then prepared lunch — more rabbit food — then changed boots to Timberland Work Boots and mowed the lawn.

Justinwork16Showered, changed to clean jeans, t-shirt, and Justin work boots. Spent two hours working in my shop on “that big thing for the kitchen.”

Administered the IV-pushed antibiotic to my spouse, then dropped by a senior pal’s house to do a quick repair in the late afternoon, then returned home, prepared dinner for my spouse and myself. After that, boots off, shorts & socks… snuggle time with the spouse while watching whatever drivel he recorded on the DVR. To bed by the usual 2030.

Monday 23 June

Lucbcgoat06Beautiful day, but the Harley is in the shop. Wore navy slacks, black cherry Lucchese Classic cowboy boots, dress shirt, no tie. Drove the truck to work by the usual oh-dark-30. Worked all day, home by 1545.

Changed to jeans, t-shirt, and my new brown roughout Chippewa Harness boots. Did work around the house, made sure the spouse had his meds organized, prepared dinner, then worked in my shop for about an hour on “that big thing for the kitchen” that I am building.

Nothin’ much else. We went to bed by the usual 2030.

Tuesday 24 June

Lucmidbrownfr09Another beautiful day… sigh, without the Harley. Wore tan khaki dress slacks with dark brown Lucchese Classic cowboy boots, blue shirt, blue/yellow patterned tie. Drove to work earlier than the usual oh-dark-30 because something happened last night that I knew would keep me really busy, so I wanted to get a jump on the day.

The boss and I met with our agency director and other staff for a while, then the boss had to leave to go on a planned business trip. I followed up on tasks and delivered requested reports. Home late — 1630.

Chipharness99Changed to jeans, t-shirt, and Chippewa harness boots. Why motorcycle boots if the Harley were in the shop? I dunno, they’re just comfortable, good-looking boots. Prepared dinner for my spouse, then drove over to a rental house that I own. That house had been vacated and cleaned by a professional cleaning company. I spent two hours doing some minor repairs and assessing what next needs to be done to prepare the house for occupancy.

Home by 2025, to bed by the usual 2030.

Wednesday 25 June

DPostrich00Up and rarin’ to go at oh-dark-30. Wore blue slacks, black ostrich leg cowboy boots, tan shirt, some sorta matching tie. Drove the truck to work. Attended many meetings.

Got word during the day that my Harley was ready for pickup! Scurried home as soon as my work day ended and changed to jeans, Chippewa Harness Boots, and a Harley t-shirt. Walked to the bus stop, then took the bus to the Metro, then to the closest station to the motorcycle repair shop. Hopped in a cab to transport me the final four miles — at $20! Wow! I haven’t used a taxi in ages, and at these prices, I will walk from now on!

Riding on new tires made the bike feel quite different. Got home in time to prepare dinner for the spouse and myself.

After dinner, I worked another hour or so on building “that big thing for my kitchen.”

Helped the spouse bathe, then soon enough, it was time for bed at the usual 2030.

Thursday 26 June

Bouletwine05Clear day forecast — pulled on brown Boulet harness boots, brown slacks, blue shirt, no tie — despite meetings, it’s summer and well into “no tie” season! Rode the Harley to work! Sweet!

Work-worked all day, including conducting one of the largest electronic meetings I have ever held. Thank goodness, no video was a part of it. Completed the day at work with a huge smile of relief and satisfaction. The meeting went well. Rode home and arrived by 16:30.

Changed to jeans, t-shirt, and plain old Justin cowboy boots. Prepared dinner for the spouse and myself. Spent another hour in the shop building “that big thing for my basement.” Then spent the rest of the night with my spouse, just holding his hand while talking about stuff. To bed by the usual 2030.

Friday 27 June

Chipharnessbomber03Another Harley-to-work day! Wore clean denim jeans, brown roughout Chippewa harness boots, non-animal polo shirt. Arrived at work at the usual oh-dark-30.

The boss returned from his trip, and we spent hours catching up. But by 1400, he said, “you’ve worked hard all week — go home.” So I did!

ChipblogHome by 1500. Changed boots since those Chippewa boots still aren’t quite broken in and my feet hurt a little bit. I choose (what else…) Chippewa Firefighter boots again, just ’cause they are damn comfortable boots.

Gloved and masked, I treated the spouse, then prepared dinner for him. After dinner, I made sure the spouse was okay, then I took off on the Harley to see my family for the usual Friday night family dinner.

Home by 2030, time for bed.

Saturday 28 June

Chiphiker02Up and walking with my senior pal walking partner at dawn. Walked six miles in jeans, t-shirt, and the usual ” Chippewa hikers. Arrived home by 0630, showered, then crawled into bed with my spouse. We watched the sun rise over the trees in the forest behind our house and just held one another as we beheld what Nature revealed in our forest.

Arose by 0830, dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and at first pulled on an old pair of Wesco Harness boots. Man, those darn boots are so tight and hot. Note to self: in addition to my Frye boots, consider selling more of my old Wesco boots that are too hot and heavy to put up with any more. Off with the Wescos (after a struggle) and replaced them with lightweight tall non-steel-toe Chippewa engineer boots.

Fed the spouse the usual rabbit food cereal and home-made four-flour rabbit food waffle. The spouse went back to bed. Today wasn’t one of his good days.

Chipnonsteel208Ensuring that my spouse would be okay, I met some of my senior pals and took them grocery shopping. Returned home by 1100. Checked on the spouse; still sleeping. Began preparations to make a potato-based pizza and gnocchi for my spouse to nibble both today and for the rest of the week.

Woke the spouse by 1230, fed him, and smiled when he ate with great gusto. At least he loves what I make for him. After lunch, I brought him back to bed. I hopped on the Harley and rode to a niece’s house to celebrate her birthday, her twin sons’ birthday, another great niece’s birthday, and a cousin’s birthday — all born this date in different years. It’s fun when we have family birthday parties like this — knock ’em out with one swell foop.

Home by 1600. Sat with the spouse on our back deck, not saying a word… just holding hand. I am a true believer in the power of touch.

Dinner prepared by 1800, we ate, then went to our basement and watched whatever drivel had been recorded on the DVR. I would rather that we read to each other, but the spouse wasn’t feeling like reading or being read to.

To bed really, really late! Like 2100! Oh my!

Life is short — enjoy your boring ol’ life by showing those you love how you care.

3 thoughts on “Boots of the Last Week

  1. That’s really amazing that your niece, her twin sons, another great niece and a cousin were all born on the same date. And it’s even more amazing that all of their birthday are on June 28. My birthday was this past Sunday (June 29).

    • Happy belated birthday, Jerome. Thank you for being a regular reader of my blog.

      Actually, we have another date during the year when nine of my family all share the same birthday (in multiple generations). This isn’t unusual in such a large family and makes for great fun!

  2. Glad to see you posted the boots for the week I look forward to that every week. I admire you in the black dress cowboy boots.

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