Getting A Cop Booted Correctly

I have a long-time friend, JB, who is a local motorcycle police officer. We grew up in the same neighborhood, went our separate ways after high school, then met at a mutual friend’s party about 11 years ago. My friend once had his own personal bike, but like most cops, he found that he was not riding it and sold it.

However, a month ago JB pulled me over (he loves to scare the crap out of me) — he was on his police motor — and told me, “I just bought a new (personal) Harley!”

Of course, I congratulated him and said the usual things like, “let’s ride sometime.” Then restarted my motorcycle and went on my way.

Tuesday afternoon, soon after I arrived home after work, I heard the familiar rumbling sound of a Harley’s engine in my driveway. JB had stopped by to show me his new personal motorcycle. Sweet! Nice bike!

But what was on his feet? Arrrggghhh!

shall I dare say it? s-n-e-a-k-e-r-s! A cop was wearing jeans and … and … and … those awful things that do not provide support to the feet and ankles, do not have oil-resistant soles, and (especially on a cop) look so dorky!

I admit, it could be worse — but he isn’t so stupid as to wear shorts and flip-flops while operating a heavyweight motorcycle.

I immediately asked, “don’t you have decent motorcycle boots?”

His reply, “I have my motorboots, but I won’t wear the uniform on my personal bike.”

… just like a cop … they consider patrol boots to be part of the uniform. Not actually as motorcycle boots.

So I asked, “you don’t have any other boots? Seriously?”

A sheepish grin and shrug confirmed that my friend did not own any boots other than his motorboots that he wears on the job.

I immediately fixed that situation by loaning him a pair of my Chippewa Harness boots and insisted that he put them on, then-and-there.

I could hear giggles coming from inside the house. My spouse was watching… there is this guy in my driveway pulling off sneakers and putting on boots. He knows JB is a cop. He observed me stomp into the house with purpose and walk out with a pair of boots while I was muttering under my breath, “I can’t believe a cop would wear sneakers on a motorcycle. I can’t believe it. Awful. Just awful!” …

Turns out that JB liked the harness boots, so I gave him details on how to order his own pair from Stompers Boots. He can keep my boots until he receives his own.

Okay, problem resolved. But imagine … a cop wearing sneakers on a motorcycle!!! What’s the world coming to?

Life is short: wear sturdy, well-made motorcycle boots when operating a motorcycle (regardless if you are or are not a cop.)