Boots of the Last Week

This is my ongoing series of posts that list the boots that I wore during the past week to give you an illustration of what boots a man who only wears boots (and has a large boot collection) chooses. Over the last 8 days, I wore 20 pairs of boots.

Here goes…

Sunday 27 April

Chiphiker02Met my octogenarian walking buddy before dawn, but this time we drove to a park by a reservoir where my Dad used to have a rowboat. I was melancholy, missing my Dad, who died 44 years ago on 28 April. My friend and I walked probably 3 miles all around that reservoir. I recalled amusing stories and anecdotes about my Dad. It was a nice way to remember a man who I loved but only had a short time together. I wore my usual Chippewa hikers — and we hiked! Good boot choice.

Returned home by 0700, showered, and prepared home-made four-flour waffles for my spouse. He went back to bed after breakfast because he is still unwell.

JustintandistressedI pulled on my comfortable Justin tan distressed cowboy boots and made two trips to the grocery store with senior pals. I also lingered at the last sr. pal’s home to make a minor home repair and to visit. He is kinda lonely.

By 1130, I was home again. I prepared lunch for my spouse and myself. Then I pulled on my Timberland work boots and mowed the lawn and did other chores to prepare for what would become a record-setting rain event the coming week.

At 1545, I came in the house, showered, then helped my spouse bathe. No footwear (or clothing… hmmmm… even though he is sick, we can find intimate moments.)

By 1700, it was time to prepare dinner. I made a gluten-free, potato-based crust pizza. Delizioso! (only socks; no boots.)

By 1830, boots off, snugglies on… read a book while my spouse watched drivel on TV, then hit the sack by the usual 2030.

Monday 28 April
Luchtanostrich10To work at the usual oh-dark-30. I wore tan Lucchese ostrich cowboy boots, brown khakis, cream-colored shirt, no tie. No meetings. Got a lot done.

When I arrived home, I changed into jeans, t-shirt, and my first pair of Chippewa firefighter boots which I use as work boots. I did more storm preparations. The oncoming “rain event” will be a whopper, so say my colleagues who know these things.

Prepared dinner by 1730, then showered and changed into men’s “to-bed” clothing — shorts, t-shirt, socks. Caught up on some community work using my laptop while the spouse watched some drivel on TV. We went to bed by the usual 2030.

Tuesday 29 April

DPostrich00To work at the usual oh-dark-30. I wore Dan Post black ostrich toe cowboy boots with black dress slacks, red-and-black patterned dress shirt, matching tie. Many meetings throughout the day. Covering for the boss while he is on travel.

Home by 1545. Changed to t-shirt, jeans and my really old pair of Justin distressed brown cowboy boots. Stayed inside. It was raining cats-and-dogs.

Had dinner I prepared on the table by 1730, then had the usual hang-out with the spouse while he watches TV drivel and I patiently worry…. To bed by the usual 2030.

Wednesday 30 April

Lucanthracite02To work at the usual oh-dark-30. I wore grey ostrich Lucchese boots with grey slacks, white shirt, blue tie. More meetings.

Rained all day. Lots and lots of rain.

Chipostrichblack10Home by 1520 to pick up the spouse to go for his monthly visit with his physician. Before we took off for the doctor’s appointment, I quickly changed into jeans, short-sleeved shirt, and black Chippewa ostrich harness boots. I like these boots because they have a Vibram sole. It was still raining — a lot — and I want to wear boots with a sole that provides traction so I could support my spouse while walking into the doctor’s office.

Two-hour visit with the doctor. Not much he can do. More blood drawn for tests. We’ll see.

Home late — 1900. Had dinner of gluten-free pasta. Long talk after dinner, then time for bed at 2030.

Thursday 1 May

Lucmidbrown09At work as usual at oh-dark-30. Wore my medium-brown Lucchese Classic goatskin dress boots. These boots have 2.5-inch (7.5cm) heels, higher than normal. Wore them with wheat khakis, green shirt, brown tie. No one said a thing about the boots, but someone asked if something were different because I appeared taller.

I realize why boots with high heels are not my preference (and wrote a blog post about it). At the end of the work day, my feet were sore and I was happy to change boots when I got home. Happier even more because my motorcycle was ready for pickup from the shop!

ChipblogI changed to leather jeans, newer lug-soled Chippewa Firefighter boots, donned a light leather jacket, then hopped on the bus to the Metro to an outer station where someone from the shop picked me up. I rode home — a happy man to have my bike back.

When I arrived home, I immediately began preparing dinner for my spouse and myself. After that, I hung out in my leathers and boots with my spouse until the usual bedtime at 2030.

Friday 2 May

LosAltosPython02Great combination-day of “dress down Friday” and my Harley is anxious to transport me to work at the usual oh-dark-30. I wore clean denim jeans and my Los Altos white python harness boots. Welcomed the boss back from his trip — and he was the only one who noticed the boots. “Cool boots!” he said.

Chippitstop08Worked all day, then came home and changed boots to my Chippewa Arroyos cowboy/work/biker boots. I also put on old work jeans and a t-shirt. I investigated the damage after six inches (15cm) of rain had fallen this past week. Most everything was okay except some more erosion on the very back of our property in a usually dry stream bed. The boots kept my feet dry while I was walking in the stream (for inspection purposes, of course.)

Hosed the mud off the boots, and let them dry off outside while I changed into sweats. Prepared dinner, then had a “snuggle night” with my spouse. No boots were involved. (;-) To bed really late — 21:15!

Saturday 3 May
Arose well before dawn and began the morning with a 6-mile walk with my octogenarian walking buddy who I never seem to be able to keep up with. Man, she’s faster than a bunny rabbit! Wore my usual Chippewa Hikers. Got home by 0700, prepared breakfast for my spouse, then changed.

Chipstrapless04Pulled on my custom black leather breeches, firefighter’s t-shirt, and my Chippewa hi-shine strapless patrol boots. I wanted to break the boots in with a good ride.

I went to our county’s fire/police HQ where a memorial ride was being staged. I explained that ride here. A fellow biker said, “where do you get your boots? You always have the coolest-looking boots!” Thanks!

EarlyAMfirechiefrideI hung out with some of the members of my home fire station where I am a life member, as well as an old pal who returned to the Chief’s office after way too long an absence. It was great to catch up with him. Together, we are cooking up a new initiative to address senior mobility safety issues for the residents of our county.

The ride ended by noon, and toward the end, I peeled off and rode home.

Peeled off the biker leathers and boots — they held up well and are breaking in with creases in all the right places. The boots look better now then they did when they were new.

Timberland11Put on work jeans, t-shirt, and my Timberland work boots and mowed the lawn and did other chores like drain the oil and gas from the snowblower. I think we’re safe now — although it has been darn cold!

Boulet03After preparing dinner for my spouse and myself, I changed boots again — this time to brown roughout Boulet harness boots. I drove to the local big-box building supplies retailer and bought 20 80-lb (36kg) bags of cement. The store employees loaded it for me, but I had to unload it onto my driveway, one bag at a time, when I got home. Ouch! Covered it with a tarp.

Inside, safe and sound, showered and all clean. Sat with my spouse and watched whatever he recorded on his Tivo. Another late, late night — to bed at 2120!

Sunday 4 May

Up and at-em early! Chased a lovely old lady all over the neighborhood for about 6 miles while wearing my Chippewa Hikers.

Justinbayapacheroper06When I got home, I showered. I pulled on jeans and Justin bay apache ropers with a t-shirt. After a nutritious breakfast of rabbit food for my spouse (and an egg, toast, and OJ for me), I took my spouse with me to pick up a few sr. pals and we went grocery shopping. I was proud of my spouse — he did fine, but was exhausted when we got back home.

MudbootworkI then changed again into BDUs and Chippewa loggers and got ready to tackle a project to extend a retaining wall to prevent ongoing erosion. That is what the cement that I bought the night before was for.

Faced with painstaking hard labor, I wussed out and drove back to the local big box home supplies retailer and picked up two day laborers to help me. These men are eager to work and work hard. They hang out in the parking lot, waiting for guys like me to offer them a job. They only speak Spanish, but they understand enough English to get by. I also speak some Spanish. Between my rudimentary Spanish, their fundamental English, and lots of pointing and pantomime, they helped me build the extension to the retaining wall in just a couple hours.

I fed them lunch and paid them more than the going rate, and took them back to the store’s parking lot. I returned home, fed my spouse lunch, then kept the work duds on while my spouse and I planted some grass plugs that he purchased.

Chipnonsteel208After that, I hosed off the boots (those Tacoma soles on the loggers get caked with mud easily). I watched my BDUs and t-shirt walk all by themselves into the washing machine (they were really dirty!) I showered and put on a pair of leather jeans, tall Chippewa engineer boots, a clean t-shirt, and fed my spouse a snack. Then we relaxed by our backyard pond for a while.

I prepared dinner, then sat with my spouse in our leisure room. We read to each other. You know, from books? We like to read — and I like it much more than watching drivel on TV.

Hit the sack early, 20:20. Oh-dark-30 will come around soon when I’m off to work in the morning.

Life is short: wear the right boots for the right application!