Common Questions About Boots

From time to time, I look at the questions about boots that drive visitors to my website. Following are some more recent questions that I have seen be entered through search engines and land there.

Q. How do I keep my cowboy boots from bulging out in my jeans?

Blackjackpython09A. If boots appear to be bulging out of your jeans, then the legs of your jeans are too narrow. Jeans with a regular, straight leg fit, or “boot cut” jeans are what most guys wear.

Q. How to cut your jeans for boots.

A. You don’t. Do not cut the ends of your jeans to fit the jeans legs over boots. If your jeans are not wide enough to fit over boots, then get different jeans (see above.) If you cut the ends of your jeans, then they will fray, and soon enough, you will have strings trailing behind you. That image is dorky-looking. Do what real cowboys do — wear regular jeans over boots so they form a nice fold (called “stacked jeans“) over the boot foot.

bolpost1Q. How much are motorcycle police officer’s boots?

A. People who are not law enforcement officers but enjoy patrol boots can buy them from retailers at commercial, public prices. “Trooper” or “Patrol Boots” made by the All American Boots, the Dehner Boot Company, and Chippewa are available in the range of about US$400 per pair for non-custom, regular duty boots. Options abound, including custom sizing, all-leather or leather upgrades, and different soles (Vibram “minilug” or “big lug”) from Dehner and All American at a higher price — for Dehner, the price doubles. In that case, All American Boots are a better value. But to answer the question, guys who are not cops can buy patrol boots that cost in the range of US$400 to $800 per pair, depending on options. Law enforcement officers can get discounts that range from 10% to 35% from some vendors, but those prices are not available to non-cops. Buyer beware: There are some “patrol-style” boots that sell for around US$200. These usually are cheap knock-offs made in Pakistan. Do not buy them. You will be disappointed.

Mexost13Q. How to choose a color for ostrich skin boots?

A. All ostrich skin boots are dyed. It is possible to purchase ostrich boots in any color, from black to brown to black cherry to gray to tan to cognac (orange). Most ostrich boots are cognac, and go very well with blue denim jeans. I own ostrich boots in all colors, and enjoy them all. How do I choose? I don’t — that’s why I have such a large collection of cowboy boots.

Chipnonsteel08Q. How do you prevent motorcycle boots from sagging?

A. It is common for tall boots, especially boots with soft leather at the ankles like engineer boots to sag as much as two inches (5cm) at the ankles. The ankle sag is part of the appearance of tall boots. However, if the boots you have sag a lot or you are looking to purchase boots that do not sag as much, consider buying new boots that have full leather lining and are made of leather that is rated as 5oz or thicker (as much as 8oz). (See info about leather thicknesses here.)

But if the real question is how to prevent motorcycle boots from sagging — the answer is, you can’t. Tall boots sag. Tall boots made of quality materials and lined with leather sag less than tall boots made of thin leather and are not leather lined.

Most humorous question:

help-me-groom-shoesQ. How to write on the bottom of your boots?

A. Not sure why someone would want to do that, but if you’re not some guy trying to send a message at a wedding (LOL), then consider using nail polish, which when you sober up, you can remove with acetone.

Life is short: know your boots!

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