How Would You Reply to This?

Here is an example of an email that I received out-of-the-blue. How would you reply to this?


Good day!!! I have learned your company name from canton fair of Guangzhou china. And we are a official platinum number of the canton fair online.

We are the most professional pants and Jacket manufacturer in whole china, pants Annual production are about 2-3 million piece, include all kinds of shorts and beach shorts. Jacket Annual production are about 600000-1000000 pcs. we also produce knitting wear and underwear and t-shirts and fleece sets.

We have more than 500 worker, And we also have children. have own children’s brand for china market and export Middle East market. The [name] are export Euope and America market. beach shorts and wash shorts and multi-pocket shorts are very very strengths for us, many factories and trade company are take their shorts order to us to produce it in our Area.

Regarding to our production, please check it at: www.[deleted].com, If you come to china, welcome to visit our factory. if you have any inquiry, please send your styles design details information to me. if no order inquiry, no problem, keep in touch is ok. I believe we maybe have a good cooperation for future.

email :
Tel:+86 595 …
Address: [deleted], 8.Breeding Farm, jinjiang city, fujian province, china.

A few things I noticed:

  • An on-line translator was used to create the English version of his message from the original Chinese. That is obvious from the awkward writing style.
  • There is some assumption that I own and operate a retail business in the United States. Obviously, the author either did not understand my website and what a personal collection of gear is, or the guy was dumb enough to buy an email address from an unscrupulous purveyor of U.S. email addresses.
  • From the number of “pieces” made by this vendor by only 500 slave-wage employees, it underscores my long-time assertion that Chinese-made products are of cheap quality and construction.

I never would buy boots made in China, much less clothing — especially shorts. Blecch.

In the comments section below, suggest how you would reply to this message if you were me. I will publish some of the best comments and what I actually did in a future blog post.

Life is short: anticipate strange email and have a plan to deal with it.

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2 thoughts on “How Would You Reply to This?

  1. Dere Sir or Madame;

    if you is goin to sned these fine emails to me cud you pleze make sure that your spelling and grammer are rite??? if you dont have good riiiting skils noone is going to beilieve that this is anthing but a scam.


    A dum american

  2. Dear mr pun chu up,
    I am so glad to hear that you have 500 workers also children, as I have always felt that those under 18 years of age make the best workers and produce the finest stitching. I look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration with you in your progressive factory.long live the people’s republic!

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