Boots on a Day with Snow and Business Meetings

Today, February 26, there is snow in the forecast. In fact, it was falling as I drove in to work.

Having several top-level meetings today, as well as having to drive to an airport this afternoon to pick up a professional colleague, then drive him into the city to his hotel and have a business dinner, I thought carefully about what boots to wear that would fit today’s dress requirements.

The boots had to …

* Be good-looking enough to go with shirt, tie, and dress slacks
* Have soles that would provide traction when walking on slick sidewalks in snow
* Be comfortable to walk the city blocks of DC, between wherever I park and between my colleague’s hotel and a restaurant
* Be warm for cold weather, but not hot in a heated office

So these criteria ruled out…
* Cowboy boots with leather soles — a slip on slick sidewalks would break bones if I fell
* Cowboy/combo work boots (like Chippewa rugged outdoor boots) — good soles, but not dressy
* Patrol boots — great looking, lug soles, but they kinda get hot in a heated office

What boots did I choose?

Here I go again — Chippewa Firefighter Boots. Great choice for today’s requirements.WorkHere I am, in my office. Safe, sound, dressed up, and booted.

Thank goodness I never have to wear a suit.

Life is short: wear the right boots for the day’s activities!