Is Being Thankful Bragging?

thankful3I follow posts on a popular social network and observe that for the month of November, some of my friends have posted a daily, “I’m thankful today for…” and then they mention spouses, children, family, and even bosses … as well as their community, religious institution or place of worship, and more.

There has been some observable backlash about these posts. A few others have posted negative comments about the “thankful” posts as appearing to be bragging. “So what if you have a husband and are thankful for his love and support!” someone wrote on a friend’s post. Or “so what that you have a nice house. I lost mine last year in a foreclosure and am barely making ends meet!” another one grumbled on another friend’s message.

For several years around this time of year, I have posted a blog about how grateful and thankful I am. Is that boastful or bragging? Should I continue to do that?

Heck yeah! After all, “Blog Rule #1” — This is MY blog. If you don’t like it, you can always surf elsewhere.

Blog Rule #2: be positive. People don’t like to read complaints, gripes, rants, or messages that bash others. In my opinion, being thankful is a way to be positive, and being positive defines me.

Blog Rule #3: it’s not about me — it’s about those I love, cherish, hold in my heart, and appreciate. This includes you, loyal blog readers!

This year, I am truly thankful for–

* having my spouse back. That is, his horrible, prolonged illness was resolved this year. He still has some symptoms that crop up from time to time, but nothing like last year where each hour of every day was always something, and mostly that “something” was frightening!

* being able to marry that wonderful man I’ve been in love with for more than 20 years.

* having a job that I love and even getting a mid-cycle promotion.

* being reappointed to a nationwide volunteer position of leadership for my professional association.

* my senior pals who keep me grounded in my commitment of service before self. They give me many reasons to smile and feel productive, useful, and appreciated.

* my family. Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, Nephews, “the greats,” cousins, in-laws, and even out-laws. (LOL). I cherish them and feel the love in return. I am blessed to have a great family and that we keep close.

* a nice home in a community that is welcoming and thoughtful; that is dynamic and diverse; and that welcomes engagement from civic leaders who have “opinions.”

* having no debt and being able to pay for what we need and a few wants without extending credit.

* having you as readers and commenters on this blog. I learn a lot. Your comments and questions provide me content about which to write. I appreciate that. I welcome more suggestions, comments, and ideas.

In summary, even if being thankful may not be welcome by some people, we all have much to live for and for which we should be appreciative and thankful. I am.

I am very excited about hosting our annual “no seniors allowed to be alone on Thanksgiving” holiday pot-luck on Thursday, so forgive me for not posting again until Friday.

Life is short: thank you!

1 thought on “Is Being Thankful Bragging?

  1. I agree with you there is nothing wrong with being thankful and it is not bragging. Yes some people have had problems but they are still alive and able to complain if they feel the need to but having restored health like your spouse is definitely something to be thankful for at this time of the year. We should be thankful for each morning that we awaken and are able to get up and go to work and just be able to breathe and know that we have many many freedoms in this country that others do not have. I am very thankful for what I have myself.

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