Thankful Redux

Another year of our feastival is over. We were pleased to host 96 senior pals on Thanksgiving, with 10 members of my family helping to orchestrate the festivities. Lots of smiling faces throughout the day, some singing by the piano, some football watching in the basement (for those so inclined, not including me) and tons of food.

We had a great time ensuring that no senior would be alone on Thanksgiving. We fostered new friendships, rekindled old, and helped people make connections with others to form tighter bonds of community.

I was totally blown out of my boots and non-plussed when…

…one of our state’s U.S. Senators dropped by and presented me with a Senate Recognition of Community Service Leadership. That was totally unexpected. When I found out the Senator was coming, I requested “absolutely no media” — because this even is not about me, but about my senior pals. My request was honored. Even though I have a few photos of me receiving the framed recognition, I am choosing not to post these anywhere because this isn’t a media thing. I do not want that level of attention.

The feeding frenzy throughout the day was amazing. While each friend was asked to contribute “a dish for 4,” more likely, those that brought food brought enough to feed an army. Fortunately, I had plans for that. When it came time for them to leave, each one was presented a plate filled with lots of food. Turkey, vegetables, and even desserts. At the end of the night, I was thrilled to look over on the tables and see that we had very little food left over. As it should be — a few turkey sandwiches over the weekend and we will be done. Nothing makes me more sad than have to throw food away because my spouse and I can’t eat it.

I am also pleased that I personally expended more calories than I took in, partly because I was rather busy being a good host (running around a lot), but also because I can’t eat most of the foods that were brought over due to my exceptionally weird diet restrictions due to my chronic intestinal illness. That’s a good thing — believe me. Keep the weight off is a daily struggle.

My spouse did okay. He was mostly absent from the social gathering on the main floor (though he did come up to see the presentation by our Senator.) He sat in his usual spot in the basement and had football games on TV for those who wanted to watch. He also talked one-on-one with a few senior pals. He does better with people in small doses (giggle.)

What did I wear? A bright red flannel shirt, my favorite and comfortable leather jeans, and a pair of Dan Post ostrich leg cowboy boots, which are very special to me on this particular day (explained on this link).

Another great event completed that gets my holiday spirit energized!

Life is short: show those you love how you love them!