A Man Who Wears Cowboy Boots Is

Lucbrowngoat01Someone entered the phrase, “A man who wears cowboy boots is” … just that … into a search engine and it directed the person who searched this phrase to six posts on this blog. So yeah, I guess I have commented from time to time about men who wear cowboy boots.

So “A Man Who Wears Cowboy Boots Is”…

On Deck
Secure. He is secure in himself because he refuses to compare himself with other men.
Confident. He is confident because he is secure in himself. He doesn’t worry about what other people may say about wearing boots.
Comfortable. He is comfortable in his own skin, as well as the skin of animals on his feet.
Capable. He is capable of achieving what he sets out to do.
In control. He is in control of his life and what he does, rather than allow others to control him.
Optimistic. He looks forward, never back, and knows where he is going in life and in love.
Balanced. He can either follow or lead without difficulty. He maintains healthy levels of dependence and independence, while concurrently sustaining a realistic view of himself.
Other-Centered. He has enough emotional strength to give to others and still deal with his or her own problems.
Satisfied. He is okay with who he is, in boots and in life.
Independent. A man who wears boots is independent enough to make his own statement in his manner of dress.
Relaxed. He may be hard-charging at work, but relaxed in how he gets the job done.
Focused. He can accomplish much because he is focused on what he wants to do, rather than allow others to tell him what to do or how to act or what to wear.
Humorful. He has a good sense of humor and can take a joke. “Where’s your horse, Tex?” — response: “look out the window. He’s the big one with the long mane taking a crap on your BMW.”

Yep, a man who wears cowboy boots is definitely a man who knows himself and where he wants to go in life. He relates well to others, smiles, and walks proudly.

Life is short: wear cowboy boots!

2 thoughts on “A Man Who Wears Cowboy Boots Is

  1. I think I need to make a big wall poster of this blog post!
    and now I know the answer to the question, “Where’s your horse?”

  2. Sometimes, he is really a cowboy…………………. 🙂

    ( Hope that gave you a chuckle, BHD!)


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