The Boss Wants Boots

My boss came up to me the other day and said, “I notice you wear boots a lot.”

Te he, that’s an understatement.

“Can you tell me where I could get a pair of boots and about how they fit?”

Sure. And then in my mind, I was asking myself,

“how much does he want to know? How much detail should I go into?”

I decided to let him lead the conversation. I asked, “what kind of boots are you interested in?”

The response was amusing. He said, “well, you rock boots all the time. You have the coolest boots I’ve seen. I dunno, what would you recommend?”

This gentleman, about my age, has never worn boots except when required with a uniform when he served in the military. I did not want to recommend boots that were wildly colored, or had dramatic inlays or other fancy stitching. But then again, I was not sure if that is what he seemed to admire.

I came up with just the answer. I found a boot shop near where he lives in Virginia. I have made plans to meet him there soon and I will let him pick out any pair of boots he likes and try them on to check the fit. Experience with different manufacturers of boots shows that there is no standard sizing between brands. A 10D Lucchese boot may fit like a 9.5D Dan Post, or a 10.5D Tony Lama. Since I will be with him, I can advise about the fit when he tries different brands and styles.

This shop has many different styles, colors, and brands. He can select a plain pair of leather boots, or a more fancy pair of exotic boots. I’ll let him decide for himself.

This will be fun… taking the boss boot shopping. 🙂

Life is short: wear boots to work!

3 thoughts on “The Boss Wants Boots

  1. I knew it, I knew it! Your bootism would finally infiltrate your workplace.

    I’m waiting for the same thing here… don’t see that happening, but I can always hope.

  2. Your boss is in great hands, BHD. I feel certain he’ll be happy with what you help him choose. Please let us know how this works out.

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