Weather Changed Plans

I had planned to go for a motorcycle ride with some buddies yesterday, but the weather caused a change in plans. While it was unusually warm, it was cloudy and damp all day. What forced our change in plans was not rain, but rather…

Wetleaves…wet leaves. A storm the night before brought down the rest of the leaves from the trees in our area. It left a slick, sloppy mess all over the roads. We were planning on riding on some back roads lined with trees, so undoubtedly, those roads would not be safe to ride on. Plus, the dampness was enough to cause a lot of road spray, which for some of my buddies who like to keep their Harleys pristine and spotless, they didn’t want to risk having their bikes get all dirty, requiring hours of cleanup.

Instead, I went to a sr. pal’s house to repair what I thought would be a simple swap of a malfunctioning electrical outlet in his kitchen. Turned out that the fault was not with the outlet, but with the wiring of the entire kitchen. Whoever lived in that house before him gerry-rigged quite an octopus of a home-wired mess. It was very unsafe with exposed wires and junction boxes that were not acceptable in the electrical code.

I ended up taking seven hours rewiring his entire kitchen (and a few other locations in the house) so his home is now safe from those potential sources of fire. I don’t understand why people do electrical work when they don’t know what the code is or what they are doing. Anyway, it’s all fixed up — but I am sore in places that I didn’t know I had. That happens when you reach and stretch and climb up and down ladders all day.

Life is short: make a change in plans for the better of friend’s safety.