What’s Up With Guys Who Wear Cowboy Boots To Work

Hot off the search engine, someone asked,

What’s up with guys that [sic] wear cowboy boots to work?
CowboybootsatworkSo, what’s up?

More and more guys nowadays have developed the confidence to wear good-looking cowboy boots to work. With today’s more relaxed dress codes where shirt-tie-jacket and suits are not required, the confident, secure men are exploring more with different footwear, including cowboy boots.

Lucbrowngoat01I have blogged A LOT about men’s worries, fears, or over-abundant concerns about what other people may think about a guy wearing cowboy boots to work. I have said before, and will say again, “man up and get over it.”

To clarify, I am NOT talking about being overly expressive with boots, such as tucking your pants into them, or choosing boots with high heels, extremely narrow toes, or with leathers dyed in bright colors. Just “normal” boots, well-shined, regular walking heels, worn with pants over them. That’s what I’m talking about.

A man who wears cowboy boots to work expresses himself as an individual who is his own man and doesn’t worry about what the fashion queens may say. He is secure in himself. He knows what he’s doing.

Rather than repeat myself, read this post on this blog or see real examples of boots that I have worn to work in a professional office. For more information about wearing boots with khakis or suits, read this section of my website.

Life is short: wear cowboy boots to work.

1 thought on “What’s Up With Guys Who Wear Cowboy Boots To Work

  1. There is nothing “up” with men who wear boots to work. I’m booted right now. In my job (education) it is ok to wear jeans sometimes; just don’t push it. I have on a pair of custom Olathe stingrays in blue. And I’m not changing.

    And I do wear riding heels sometimes to work.
    And pointed toes sometimes.

    And no one says anything any more.

    Another point: some of my boots were over $1000 when new. The ones I have on were about $450 new, which is a hell of a lot more than you paid for your Nunn Bush or Johnston and Murphy dress shoes.

    And my boots are a lot more fun to wear.

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