What Does Wearing Boots Say About a Man?

Someone in Texas, the state in the U.S. known for cowboys and cowboy boots, asked this question via a search engine:
“Men who wear boots says what about the man?”

Boots say a lot about a man. From this boot-wearing guy, my opinions about what boots say about a man are:

  • He is confident.
  • He is secure.
  • He will look you in the eye and smile when shaking your hand.
  • He is genuinely modest and does not brag.
  • He is a man of action, highly productive, and is results-oriented.
  • He trusts his partner in his relationship.
  • He does not fret or worry about the small stuff.
  • He does not bully or abuse others with words or physical aggression.
  • He is compassionate, caring, and giving — rather than selfish, ego-maniacal, and self-centered.
  • He speaks with meaning and does not speak just to be heard.
  • He is comfortable with silence.
  • He commands authority, without being overbearingly directive or controlling.
  • He gives credit where credit is due.
  • He shares good will.
  • He is positive and forward-looking.
  • He is competitive, but accepts that he is not always the best, brightest, or most able.
  • He celebrates accomplishments of others.
  • He does not care what other people think about his possessions (or boots for that matter) because he is not materialistic.
  • He knows what he likes.
  • He has his own style — rugged, masculine, and strong.
  • He doesn’t give a rat’s patootee about what fashion queens say about what men should wear on their feet, especially with dress clothes in an office.

Life is short: embrace the characteristics of a confident boot-wearing man.

2 thoughts on “What Does Wearing Boots Say About a Man?

  1. What type of footwear a Man has on his feet, says a lot about where he’s coming from or where he is going!
    It seems strange to live in a Metro area of Texas and have to explain what your doing with Cowboy Boots on?
    There is something to be said for how people take you for Face Value from First Impressions.
    Does wearing Cowboy Boots and a Cowboy hat make the person a Cowboy? Not really!
    But would anybody care to understand that your paying homage to the Image of what personified a Cowboy?
    Probably not!
    But in Texas, why should this style of boots be a question of curiosity?
    It’s beyond me?
    Arlington Tx

  2. Try a Mohawk and wearing a very masculine antique black riding boot with black jeans tucked in. Outside of the very liberal city where I live, I get stared at like I’m from another planet. It’s a big source of comedy now for me (“yeah, parked the saucer just past your town square. Take my to your councilperson.”) You’ve got to be yourself and I’ll be gay and punk ’til I’m dead.

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