Normal Boots for a Ride

I played hookey yesterday and went for an annual motorcycle ride with a good friend who knows all the backroads and byways of our beautiful home state of Maryland.

Before the ride, my spouse looked at how I was dressed in jeans and Chippewa harness boots and said,

… “you’re dressed in normal boots.”

Hmmm… “normal” … as if my other boots are abnormal?

I knew what he meant, though. Perceptions from other bikers when you wear tall boots with jeans or breeches tucked in can become a matter of discussion. Honestly, I don’t really care about what other guys think about how I wear my boots. Just goes to show — some days I wear tall boots with jeans or leathers tucked into them, and other days, I don’t. I wear what I like and whatever strikes my fancy or whims at the time.

I rode to my local Harley dealership to meet my friend. While there, we saw a few motor officers and chatted with them. I was intrigued by the possibility of riding with one of them to Canada to observe them participate in a police motorcycle rally and do some touring. This cop, in particular, wants to take it slow and stop frequently along the way — “my” type of touring! I hope this trip might work out… but it all depends on my work situation and my spouse’s health. We’ll see….

Meanwhile, my friend and I had a great ride for some 150 miles (240km) on a mild, partially cloudy day. My buddy was very patient with me as I had to stop a few times… my chronic illness was flaring up a bit… but he is very understanding. I appreciate that. Few riders are willing to stop as frequently as my illness requires.
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