“How” Questions About Boots

Here are more examples of actual, as-written, as-searched, boot-related “how” questions that direct visitors to my website or this blog. Some questions are serious, some are strange, and some are amusing. If you are wondering, I can “see” the questions that direct visitors to my website/blog, but I cannot tell who the visitor actually is. I respect privacy. I figure, though, if at least one person is asking via a search engine, then others may have the same questions.

Here goes…

Q. How should jeans fit with cowboy boots?

A. Jeans should stack, or fold, over the tops of cowboy boots. Stacking jeans is explained here on my website.

Q. How to break in caiman cowboy boots … How to break in Chippewa boots … How to break in new cowboy boots

A. Lots of “how to break in” questions come in all the time. First thing, if your boots are stiff, follow these procedures to reduce their stiffness and train the ankles before you pull them on the first time. But remember, boots are broken in by wearing them. Period. Doesn’t matter if the foot is made of Caiman, Leather, Lizard, Ostrich, or Antelope… it’s all the same. Pull them on. Stand tall. Walk. Walk. Walk. Remember — you are the guy in boots, so stand tall, smile, and be the confident man in boots for all to admire.

Q. How to care for cowboy boots for the first time

A. Contrary to popular belief, most boots do not need anything to be done to their surface, such as polishing, before you wear them. But you should train the ankles (see above) if necessary. If you may wear boots on a worksite or where they may become wet, then treating them with a leather protection product may be good to do. There are a variety of water-repellant and leather conditioners available. Choose a product made specifically for use on the materials from which your boots are made — leather protector for leather, exotic skin conditioner for lizard, ostrich, alligator, etc. Try to keep your boots dry, out of direct sunshine, and away from damp places where mold can grow.

Q. How to choose a boots for men

A. Fundamentally, choosing boots is purely a personal decision. However, to walk you through the decision-making process on choosing the right boots for how you will want to wear them, read my tutorial on Choosing Boots, here.

Q. How to wear Chippewa loggers

A. I cannot explain why five different people asked this question in a matter of a few days, but they did. Simple answer: put on a good pair of socks, pull on the boots, tie them as designed, and wear them on your feet. (It is so much better to wear Chippewa Loggers on your feet than, for example, on logs. Logs don’t need boots like feet do. But if you are doing logging, then by all means, wear loggers!)

Q. How to wear cowboy boots with jeans men … how to wear jeans with cowboy boots … how to wear jeans and boots

A. Questions like this one seem to be the most frequently asked in search engines for visitors that are directed to my website — particularly my Wearing Cowboy Boots page, here. That page gives much more information that I can provide in a blog post, so go read it. Then remember: YOU are the guy in boots! Stand tall, smile, and walk with confidence!

Q. How to dress nice with cowboy boots

A. Put on clean clothes. Maybe even a tie with a collared shirt. Make sure your pants legs are at the proper length (come down to your feet). You can even wear a sportcoat or suit jacket. Looking “nice” with cowboy boots has much more to do with the image you project with the quality, appearance, cleanliness of your clothes, as well as the quality and appearance of your boots. Choose boots that are clean and polished to go with “dress-up” clothing. Not to difficult when you think about it.

Q. How to polish police patrol boots

A. It depends on what the boot is made of. Some police patrol boots are made of all leather, or have leather on the feet while they have an alternate (usually plastic product like “Dehcord”) on the shaft. Some boots are covered with a plastic top coat which is different from patent leather, but make the boots seem shiny from the get-go (for example, Chippewa 71418 “Hi-Shines”). Short answer: leather is shined with traditional wax polish; plastic shafts and top-coats can be shined with a spray-and-wipe of furniture polish. See this post on this blog for more instructions on “maintaining the shiny boot shine.”

Q. How to lace police motor boots … How to tie police motorcycle boots

A. For police patrol boots that come with laces, called “Bal-Laced Boots,” see lacing instructions in my tutorial video, here.

Q. How to make the shaft of your cowboy boot shrink … How can I shrink my cowboy boots … How to shrink leather cowboy boots

A. Sorry to inform you, but you CAN’T shrink leather boots. There are a lot of “old wives tales” about suggested methods to cause leather to shrink, such as exposing them to water (hot or cold), heat (such as from a hair dryer or oven), or casting a magic spell. Whatever, these procedures cause portions of leather boots to deform, but do not actually cause the boot to “shrink” or reduce size evenly. Exposing leather to water or heat causes the fibers that compose the leather to curl and retract, which cause a surface deformation. But this retraction causes the leather fibers to weaken and to develop holes or surface flaking. Take it from a boot expert: you can’t shrink leather boots. If the boots don’t fit, then get a pair that are the correct size.

Q. How to prevent seeing your boot shaft through your jeans?

A. Why would a man ever want to do that? I mean, one of the best features of boots is to see them under jeans. But if you really want to cower in fear of being discovered that you are wearing boots, you can: a) wear thicker jeans, and perhaps include starch in the wash so the jeans will not be as relaxed against your boots; b) wear boots that fit more closely to your legs; or c) get over it. Man-up and wear your boots and show them through your jeans.

Q. How to put cowboy boots on?

A. The second-most frequently asked question that directs visitors to my website/blog. Answer: sit down. Pull up your pants leg (doesn’t matter, right or left.) Pull on the boot for that foot. Repeat with the other foot. Tie the boots if necessary. Stand up, stand tall, smile, and display your confidence. That’s it — no more, no less.

Q. How to rock cowboy boots men

A. A guy is “rockin’ his boots” by displaying confidence. As I have said often on this post — when a man stands tall, exudes confidence by smiling, giving affirmative handshakes, speaking clearly, and walking with grace — he is “rockin’ his boots.” So guys, pull on yer boots and Rock your style of strong confidence!

Q. How to rough up leather soles

A. Most dress cowboy boots come with a smooth leather sole. Smooth soles can slip easily on carpet or wet pavement. The best way to “rough up” smooth leather soles is to wear the boots as usual, but walk on concrete sidewalks. Walk about a half mile or so, and the soles should be “roughed up” enough for them to provide moderate traction — or at least, not slip much.

Q. How to make cowboy boot flip flops

A. Why in the hell would anyone ever want to do that? Yuck! Remember Rule #1 of Boots: “Boots are for your feet, sneakers are for the gym, dress shoes are for the closet, sandals are for sandy beaches, and flip flops are for the trash!”

Life is short: know how to break in, tie, maintain, wear and most of all — be confident in — BOOTS!

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  1. Cowboy Boot Flip-Flops? Are you kidding me? What kind of a lame ass idea is that? I hope they never and I mean NEVER made cowboy boots Flip-Flops. That would be disgusting. I would rather kill myself than see that.

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