Good News

So much of the news these days is bad. I thought I would share some good news for a change. Two good things have happened to me lately….

First, my fiance who did not want more than two witnesses at our marriage ceremony listened to me, and accepted because my siblings and I are so close and remain close, that keeping them away from our marriage ceremony was unfair to me and my feelings. So he backed off his previous staunch limit on witnesses and now all 14 of my siblings have been invited and all have said that they will come. Those who live out-of-town are making travel arrangements.

I am delighted that my entire immediate family will be there at our wedding marriage ceremony. (We are NOT having a wedding; just a ceremony conducted by a judge at our county courthouse, and we’re outta there.) This will be the first time since our mother died 14 years ago that all of us will be together again — and for a happy occasion!

My larger family — spouses of my siblings, their children, and children’s children, will have a family dinner to honor us the night after the day of our ceremony. I am not expecting my fiance — then spouse — to attend, but who knows? Anyway, that will be the closest to a party or reception that we will have.

My spouse and I will honeymoon in our home state for a long weekend following. And that’s it. Then return to our usual routine.

… though I am hearing some hushed whispers among my senior pals. They’re up to something, but whatever it is, I have told them that it must be a surprise or my fiance/spouse won’t have anything to do with it.

The second piece of good news is: I got a job! Some of you may recall that in a rather down end-of-year-2012 post on this blog, I repeated that I had to get a new job. For various reasons, it was truly time to move on and get back to full-time work. I was thrilled when I received a call the other day saying that “you are wanted, now. Drop everything….” And they meant that, literally. I begin work this coming Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in the U.S.). Woo-hoo! I look forward to pulling on my dress cowboy boots with dress clothes and returning to work.

Good timing, too… as the date draws closer for my fiance to retire and leave full-time work, I will be out of the house each weekday, so we won’t kill each other. That is meant to be funny, but is somewhat indicative of how most couples are — they each require their time apart from one another.

Life is short: share happy news!

3 thoughts on “Good News

  1. I am delighted that my brother-in-law is coming around. I am pleased that our discussion has helped convince him that all of your siblings wanted to be there because we love both of you and want to share this special occasion with you.

    Thanks for putting him on the phone when I called last week. I’ve got your back, and am very happy the tension over the number of witnesses has settled.

    Rock on! Can’t wait until I see you guys in April!

    Ore e sempre,


  2. Glad things are working out for you guys!

    Signed, your conservative Republican friend

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