Being Followed

I was lucky enough to be blessed with unseasonably mild weather last Saturday, as well as the time to lead a motorcycle ride with a club that I belong to. The photos below were taken by a friend while on the ride. The photos show what I see in my rear-view mirrors.

These are great shots!

I think my home state is lovely at any time of year, though I admit, the background is gray and barren. But there is nothing like seeing the open landscape go by, with the wind against your helmet, your boots up on the riding pegs, fresh air circulating around, and wide-sweeping vistas of farmland and wilderness. That is among the many reasons why I ride — you cannot experience this feeling or see these views from any other mode of motorized transportation.


If you look very carefully at the photo below, that’s me on my motorcycle in the front of the pack:

Life is short: RIDE!